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Used Tires Salt Lake City

used tires salt lake city
    salt lake
  • Salt Lake is a lake in the province of Saskatchewan, Canada. The lake is located south of Senlac, Saskatchewan in the west central part of the province. The lake was the site of the earliest known production of salt in the province. The salt was produced by the Senlac Salt Co. around 1920.
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Evidence Markers
Evidence Markers
At about 7 a.m. on August 5, 2011 a Utah Highway Patrol trooper attempted to make a traffic stop on westbound I-80 near Redwood Road in Salt Lake City. The driver in the suspect vehicle allegedly fled onto northbound I-215. The pursuit came to an end at the 700 North offramp, where the trooper and suspect exchanged gunfire. The suspect died in the exchange while the trooper was uninjured. Because of the circumstances, Salt Lake City Police were called in to handle the investigation. These markers are used in the photogrammetry process. They show where the tire tracks from the suspect vehicle veer off the freeway and onto the offramp.
Fort Douglas
Fort Douglas
Model 06/80 SKODA field gun, Fort Douglas Military Museum, SLC, UT The gun, made by the Czech SKODA company, was used in the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy's army since 1902. Its maximum range is about 1 km (10.800 yards). It was drawn by horses or mules. The gun was used by the Monarchy in WW1. Many of the remaining guns were given to Italy as part of the war reparations. The Italian army modified the 'traction system', the guns were towed by motor vehicles and because of this the wooden wheels were changed to rubber tire solid disk wheels.

used tires salt lake city
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