Recommended tyre sizes. Bike tyre pressures.

Recommended Tyre Sizes

recommended tyre sizes
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    tyre sizes
  • (Tyre size) Tire code or Tyre code - Automobile tires are described by an alphanumeric code, which is generally molded into the sidewall of the tire. This code specifies the dimensions of the tire, and some of its key limitations, such as load-bearing ability, and maximum speed.

People generally underestimate how important proper tire maintenance is when it comes to safety. Remember, your tire is the only contact your vehicle has with the road. Depending on the tire size and load, the amount of tire that?s actually in contact with the road at any given moment is only slightly larger than a softball. You literally depend on that tire to make the vehicle stop, go, or do any kind of maneuver. The tire is your lifeline. The dangers of driving around on a bald tire especially on a long trip are numerous: Since a bald tire does not have a sufficient amount of tread, it?s more susceptible to a blowout or other kinds of damage if you hit a pothole. If you have a bald tire, you have less traction, and therefore less control, of your vehicle. A bald tire is, by definition, an old tire. And as tires age, they?re more likely to being damaged or crack on impact -- which also makes the vehicle much harder to control in an emergency situation. The ?Lincoln Penny? Test Despite all of the advancements in tire design and technology over the last 20 years or more, the ?Lincoln penny? test is still recommended as the best way to determine whether you still have enough tread left -- or whether it?s time to buy new tires and send ?old baldy? to the landfill. For those who don?t recall this time-honored method: Insert the edge of the penny into the tread upside down. That is, with the top of Honest Abe?s noggin going in first. If the top of Lincoln's head is covered by tread, that means you still have an acceptable and safe amount of tread. Do this test at various points around the perimeter of the tire. If the top of his Lincoln?s head is visible at any point around the tire, the tire is ready for the recycling center -- and it?s time for you to go tire shopping. While you?re doing the penny test, also look for signs of uneven wear or damage such as cuts, cracks, splits, punctures and bulges. Any of these can significantly shorten the tire?s life span and if they?re not corrected more damage or loss of pressure can occur. Replace All Four Tires It?s never a good idea to replace just one tire. If you have a brand new tire on one wheel, and older, more worn tires on the other three wheels, that will result in your vehicle pulling in one direction or the other, and cause an imbalance in traction. Ideally, you should replace all four tires at once.
Blox Racing Front Sway Bar Kit
Blox Racing Front Sway Bar Kit
BLOX Racing sway bars are designed and manufactured to greatly improve the vehicle's handling, reduce body roll, as well as, increase the vehicle’s lateral stiffness. Each sway bar is made from SAE 9254 spring steel, shot-peened and heat treated, and feature precision forged ends and exclusive urethane / Teflon composite bushings that eliminate squeaks and the need for lubrication. The sway bar, in essense, is a giant spring that ties in both wheels and effectively increases the stiffness on the side that is compressed the most during hard turns. BLOX Racing sway bars will properly transfer lateral grip and minimize camber changes through quick and hard cornering. BLOX Racing always recommends proper tire and wheel size to maximize suspension performance. Specifications: 24mm Applications: 99-00 Civic Si Coupe 06+ Civic Si Coupe 07+ Fit

recommended tyre sizes
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