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Good Year Tractor Tyres

good year tractor tyres
    good year
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My John Deere
My John Deere
This is my John Deere lawn tractor. It is a model 60 and was built in 1968 or 1969. I bought it with my brother Chris in 1993 or 1994 (I can’t remember exactly). At first we had nothing but problems with her. To start with, we couldn’t get the electric start to work. I eventually had to replace the starter to take care of the problem. Shortly after that the seven horsepower engine blew. Chris got ahold of a warranty engine from sears. It was a fourteen horsepower Kohler engine that smoked. Sears replaced the engine under warranty for the customer and sold us the defective engine. Chris was able to shoehorn this engine, which is twice as big as the original was, into the tractor. We tried to battled the smoking problem by trying several different things that we could think of, but still couldn’t get it to stop. We were still using it while we were trying to figure it out because it worked out ok; we just had to pull the spark plug a lot to clean it because it would foul out. Chris eventually traded his half of her for money he owed me so she was all mine now. I finally figured out the smoking problem, it had the wrong rings in it. I put in a new set and the engine worked great after that. I was still having problems with her though. It seemed I would break something on her every time I used her. I eventually got so tired of it; I went out and bought a new lawn tractor. I was going to take her and use the engine and running gear for a go-cart for the kids, but I changed my mind. I was putting too much abuse on my new tractor with the projects I was doing, so I put her back together and mounted a blade to the front of her. She turned into one hell of a work horse after that. I had made several modifications to her through out the next few years to battle problems and to make her work better for the things I was doing with her. The main problem was not enough traction. I added 160 pounds of tractor weights to the back and 200 pounds of tractor weights to the belly of her. I came up with the idea of putting duels on her as well. I bought a set of tires and rims from E-bay and modified them into a set of duels. I had to rebuild the lift system to handle the new heavy blade I built for the front, added running boards, added a pedal to the lift system so I can lift the blade with my foot or by hand. After all of these modifications, she was looking pretty bad due to miss-matched paint and so forth. I decided to repaint her and make her look nice again. I spent two months doing any modification I could think of to get rid of even the slightest thing that I didn’t like about her. I added lights to her, redid the grill to make it look better then just a hole cut in it so the valve cover of the new engine would fit, built a new seat mount to put on the new seat that I got for her, and several other small modifications. Then it was the paint job. I went through a lot of sandpaper and elbow grease on this. All of the lettering was hand done, which took awhile. You may notice I changed the model number from 60 to C-60. The “C” stands for custom. I thought that all of the customizations I did to her that the “custom” part seem to fit. I think she turned out pretty nice. What do you think?
Our 1949 Ford 8N
Our 1949 Ford 8N
The first tractor I bought when I bought this place. I've had it about 14 years. It's remarkable how long this thing can sit, yet if you put a battery and good fuel in it, it fires right up, even though it is now 61 years old. My stepmother is only 62.

good year tractor tyres
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