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continental tires online
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  • (Continental tire) A Continental tire is an upright, external, mounted spare tire behind an automobile's trunk compartment. The term also describes a non-functional bulge that is stamped into the trunk lid or a cosmetic accessory to the rear of the car giving the impression of a spare tire mount.
  • (Continental Tire) Continental AG , internally often called Conti for short, is a worldwide leading manufacturer of tires, brake systems, vehicle stability control systems, engine injection systems, tachographs and other parts for the automotive and transport industries.
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2011 365 day 36*
2011 365 day 36*
* i took this yesterday but today i rode my bike to the bank, 1 mile each way. get that? I RODE MY BIKE! i am so stoked; i dressed in my hot pink horrible pullover, earmuffs, goggles and reflective gloves, trail-running shoes and jeans, and i rode my bike! my foot didn't fall off. i got a little arch ache but the same feeling from stairs, so it's so no big deal and SO the exercise my foot/calf needs. OVER THE FRELLING MOON, DAWGS! ... so over the moon i didn't take any pictures, waha, total missed opportunity. =3 deadly baby got some new shoes! reflective sidewall tires! what pop! very happy to have been able to get these. shouldn't be too long before i'm ready to commute to work again, and it's dark so early! tires i got from Missing Link: continental bicycle touring plus. whoopty!
DSC 2490
DSC 2490
Part of the debris pile splitting the main room of the first floor in two. The wall in the background used to be part of Black Sunrise, a goth/Celtic/fetish store owned and operated by Indra Sunrise Geerts, and yes, that's his real name. The shop was forced out of that space 2-3 years before the club closed so as to accommodate a larger crowd that was never going to materialize, with promises that they'd be able to move to a space upstairs left unfulfilled long enough for Indra to get tired of waiting, and turn the business into an online-only venture.

continental tires online
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