Tire Shop Names

tire shop names
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Waiting and Daydreaming.
Waiting and Daydreaming.
I went to the coffee shop, i was excited, i asked you out, out of nowhere i know, but i really needed to clearify something, i needed to get this out of my mind and it was something i couldn't let go just like you let go of me sometime ago. We arranged to meet at 5.15 as we used to, i got there in time as i used to. The waitress came to me and wanted to take my order, i told her i was waiting for someone, you. Time was running incredibly slow, and i say incredibly because i didn't realize how was november by then and we had stopped talking in june. 5.30 already, i knew you weren't going to appear at that time, you used to be always late. I started thinking on how i should say hi, how would you look like now, what i was going to tell you first, kind of daydreaming about our re-meeting. But then the waitress came again, it was 5.45, she woke me up of my daydream and made me realize i was going to meet you in a couple of minutes. I started to play on my phone because i started getting nervous, i started wondering if you were still thinking about me, how would you look at me and if you would be happy to meet me. 6.00 time kept running and i started to get a little bit worried so i told the waitress i wanted a cup of coffee, she brought it to me a couple of minutes later and it was really hot, as always, and as i'm sensitive to heat i asked for water and started drinking my coffe pretty slow. 6.15 I finished my coffe and started looking around, just then i realized that few people were there, mostly couples, and i started thinking if they always met like this or maybe it was their first time meeting after a long time, just like us, or maybe it was the first time. 6.30 a friend of mine came to the coffee shop and said hi, he introduced me to his new girlfriend he was talking me about the other day, her name was Catalina, she was really cute and totally got my attention by her cute green eyes, they sat with me and started chatting about random stuff. 6.45 they had to go because they were going to watch a movie together, they said bye and left me on my own, i started thinking maybe we could go watch a movie together after we drank some coffee, we always used to do that, we both were filmfreaks. 7.00 After daydreaming about our days together and how good we used to get along i realized it was really late and started thinking about the possibility of you not coming at all and what that would mean to me and my mind. 7.15 I got paranoid, maybe you saw me talking with my friend and his girlfriend and you didn't want to bother so you went away, you used to do that, thinking that my other friends were more important than you were, that was a silly thought because you were the most important to me and i told you several times, and i did meant it. 7.30 First time you were so late, started wondering if you couldn't come because of an emergency and couldn't call because you never have money on your phone, started thinking about all possibilities and imaginating all these weird sceneries where you ended up coming late telling me you were sorry about it. 7.45 My mom called me, she wanted to ask me if i was at home, i told her i was at the coffee shop, didn't tell her i was waiting for you, she'd get mad if i did, you know her, she always overprotects me. 8.00 It started to get really dark, weird time thingy, it looked like it was really late, maybe it was really late, but didn't accept it. 8.15 I was feeling so desperate, i wanted to see you, i wanted to talk to you, i wanted to tell you this i needed to get out of my chest, but you hadn't come. 8.30 I hated you for making me wait for so long, i was going to take revenge some other time if everything went ok and we met again. 8.45 I tried to call you, it rang rang and rang but you didn't answer. 9.00 My mom called me, she said it was too late for being in the coffee shop and started asking me for the truth, that was the truth, i was at the coffee shop but didn't tell her what i was doing again, couldn't tell her. 9.15 The waitress came again and told me if i wanted something else, i said i wanted another cup of coffee, a couple of minutes after, she brought it to me and left, i forgot to ask her for a glass of water and was feeling so tired to call her back that i didn't care. 9.30 I was suffering because of the really hot coffee, now i was drinking it really slow, i still was thinking about you, i had a little hope you could still get there in time. 9.45 I realized it was so late and the coffee shop was closing in a bit, so i called you again, same thing happened. 10.00 The waitress told me they were closing, maybe my expression was very obvious because even she noticed i felt so sad, she had a pitty face, she was seeing me all day long. So I finished drinking my coffee, stood up and went out the coffee shop, leaving my hope, my thoughts and my words closed with that coffee shop. We hadn't arranged anything since then.
1922 - Crovo Tire and Battery Service, 33 Winn Street, Woburn, Massachusetts
1922 - Crovo Tire and Battery Service, 33 Winn Street, Woburn, Massachusetts
This was my grandfather's gas station. It was located at 33 Winn St., Woburn, Massachusetts. It is now a car lot. This was the first of three buildings that my grandfather had on this lot. The original station building (on far right of the photo) was destroyed in a rare tornado that hit Woburn on October 25, 1925. The building was originally the location of a Wheelwright. During the 1910’s the building was used as a bicycle and tire shop. After serving in the US Army during the First World War, my grandfather, Harry A Crovo Sr., started his gas station. He owned and operated the station until 1967 when he retired. In this photo, you will notice the sign that advertises Socony Gasoline. Following the break-up of Standard Oil in 1911, the Standard Oil Company of New York (SOCNY) was founded, along with 33 other successor companies. In 1920 the company registered the name "Mobiloil" as a trademark. In 1931, Socony merged with Vacuum Oil to form Socony-Vacuum. In 1955, Socony-Vacuum was renamed Socony Mobil Oil Company, then Mobil Oil Corporation in 1966 and finally Mobil Corporation in 1976. In 1998 Mobil and Exxon agreed on a merger to create ExxonMobil.

tire shop names
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