BP Coffee

How does bulletproof coffee work?

The "normal" coffee is very well known for its content of essential nutrients such as manganese, potassium and B vitamins. In addition, it has a large number of antioxidants that reduce the risk of chronic degenerative diseases and keep the brain up to date.

Drinking coffee makes the brain more acute, brain cells can communicate faster, and improves mood as seen in this bulletproof coffee nootropic review .

On the other hand, bulletproof coffee is combined with butter fed grass and coconut oil or cerebral octane oil. Several experts say that the healthy fat in butter maintains energy for hours, balances hormones and improves cognitive function. In addition, not only essential fatty acids and other nutrients are acquired for the body, but it improves the consistency of the coffee making it creamier than many others.

The octane brain oil plays an important role by increasing the molecules that burn fat and oxygenate the brain, these are known as ketones. Not all fats have the same function. It is also thanks to the brain octane oil that the body can control hunger, lose weight and make the brain work better than with another MCT oil. Coconut oil also increases ketone levels and helps the body to drain fat instead of sugar. This can give you more energy for many more hours.

There is definitely no doubt about what will happen after drinking the bulletproof coffee, the effects will multiply twice or perhaps more than what normal coffee can cause; improves mood and increases energy. Only with the Bulletproof Coffee, the effects will be more effective and lasting.