The Best Toys Of 2011

the best toys of 2011
  • An object for a child to play with, typically a model or miniature replica of something
  • An object, esp. a gadget or machine, regarded as providing amusement for an adult
  • (toy) plaything: an artifact designed to be played with
  • (toy) a nonfunctional replica of something else (frequently used as a modifier); "a toy stove"
  • A person treated by another as a source of pleasure or amusement rather than with due seriousness
  • (toy) dally: behave carelessly or indifferently; "Play about with a young girl's affection"
  • 2011 (MMXI) will be a common year starting on a Saturday. In the Gregorian calendar, it will be the 2011th year of the Common Era, or of Anno Domini; the 11th year of the 3rd millennium and of the 21st century; and the 2nd of the 2010s decade.

[1-27-2011] - Coffeehouse
[1-27-2011] - Coffeehouse
The best part about waking up. The affinity Seattle has for coffee is not over exaggerated. I tried counting the coffee options on the same block as my work downtown and gave up after nine figuring there are others I don’t even know about. Starbucks might be the reason Seattle’s coffee culture is known worldwide, but its the countless numbers of independent coffee shops and bean roasters that provides the soul. A note on the Photography Squared project and my adventures with the Holga in general. Twenty seven days in, I have far exceeded my expectations in terms of my creativity and success rate of what I deem to be decent photos vs. clunkers (25 good ones to 2 bad ones if your counting at home). While I don’t consider todays picture of a Starbucks a dud, it does exemplify my continued struggles to become used to the quarks of the Holga. For one the viewfinder of the camera only shows you 60 to 70% of what the lens actually sees. As such when I was setting this shot up I composed it so the coffee cup would be offset to the right, alas it ended up more in the middle becoming somewhat of a distraction. I have also yet to teach myself that the focusing range of the Holga is something around four feet (I think), and have far to often thrown close objects, such as the coffee cup out of focus because of it.
the tao of jeet kun do 133/365
the tao of jeet kun do   133/365
09/20/2011 AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 SKETCHES(or less) part 50 The way of the intercepting fist - "Empty your mind, be formless, shalpeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend." I was a big Bruce Lee fan as a teenager. I loved his style of no style. His philosophy works well for combat - don't anticipate, react, use your opponents strength against him - is not a philosophy of life. It is not good to be a chameleon in life, unless you are a rather large-sized semi-tropical lizard with a prehensile tail. Technicals about the photo - not pleased with how "Bruce" doesn't look like himself, but I do like the technique I tried. I also had a minor accident with the cup of water and I hope it hasn't ruined my camera or lens, so this was the best shot I had at the time.

the best toys of 2011
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