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Greek Learning Toys

greek learning toys
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Goal: four balsa pieces for a glider
Goal: four balsa pieces for a glider
A 6 1/2" and 2 X 1" pieces of 1/16" square, 1 3/4" of 1/8" square. These, a little white glue, some paper, a glue stick, you're going to have a glider. And you'll know how it works, and how to start designing your own too. Repetition is the mother of wisdom, the Romans would say. Not much of that insight stuff the Greeks advocated... but if you're teaching yourself practical toy airplane construction, practical toy airplane design, aerodynamics, static and dynamic structures, or just fooling around to have a good time, building the same design or similar designs or successive different versions is a good way to learn. Well, it worked for me. So here's one set of wood parts. IMG_5769.JPG
Siren Eukrante from the recently released fifth wave of Konami’s Busou Shinki line. I had trouble translating the katakana for the name when it was first announced. Was it Eucrante? Euklante? Euclante? I only recently discovered the name is a reference to Eukrante/Eucrante, one of the Nereids, the sea nymphs of Greek mythology. It’s not every day one learns something about ancient Greek mythology from a Japanese action figure.

greek learning toys
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