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cheap toys free shipping
    free shipping
  • Free Shipping is a marketing tactic used primarily by online vendors and mail-order catalogs as a sales strategy to attract customers.
  • only Apply to 48 states! Free Shipping¬†does not apply to¬†Hawaii or Alaska or Purto Rico or Canada.
  • Reference code ZEWS at checkout or on your P.O. for FREE Shipping on all orders placed by July 1, 2011. One offer per building. Cannot be combined with other offers.
    cheap toys
  • (CHEAP TOY) Toys of inferior quality and low price. Cheap toys are often found for sale in Japanese supermarkets and train station kiosks.

How to attend convention broke
How to attend convention broke
This was my cost: - as a sit-in - no registration fee - hotel - paid my portion of the room with a Misaki doll (also stayed in different hotel that was cheaper) - getting there - drove my BF's car and still owe him 60 USD for gas - food - didn't eat anything but what we got at meal functions plus few snacks I brought with me and redbull and frappucino (brought with me too), kept refilling the same water bottle with water - dolls - I had to get tickets from registered people if I wanted anything but got these: twins - traded for another Misaki Dasha - sold a repainted doll while sitting and doing "room sale" in the hall, otherwise I wouldn't be able to get her in IT sales room - one 60 USD grab bag and nude DG body for 25 Dynamite girls - Theo let me use one of her two preregistered spots so I was able to do it and then also on Saturday late they had few spots open so I did another one. So I got two YAY - won a right to purchase Saturday night centerpiece but sold her later that night for cost to somebody who wasn't at convention - room sales - didn't visit any rooms but Kazue - can't miss and Rob/robsdolls -to chat with him. What I got plenty off - endless heartache - when I couldn't keep any of the gorgeous doll we got for free as I had to ship them to the person who paid registration. All the dolls and everything I bought was funded from my Show and sell and from selling couple of Momokos and Blythe. I haven't been to work much in 3 months (only 6 days total) so I have no paychecks... I was probably the poorest person at the whole convention. So yes, you can do it for cheap and broke if you are strong about not keeping any dolls you get. I wasn't this year, couldn't help it and broke down at the end but still if I can do it again I will still go. Now what I got after convention: Theo sold me nude Agnes for 150 and also got nude Giselle from Vin for the same price, she should be here today. Still desperately looking for Elise Swan from W luncheon. I was a sit-in at luncheon too so even if I would have won right to purchase her it would go to Uriah who paid for the luncheon.
'Rats & sinking ships'
'Rats & sinking ships'
"We could have saved the Earth but we were too damned cheap." ~Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. This is basically a cast of a toy boat being capsized by chocolate money. It sums up the current state of our system, a rather twisted consumerist capitalism that serves to protect elite old money, not really capitalism at all. We bail the banks out for billions of dollars due to their incompetence & yet they're still giving each other million dollar bonuses for their failures. If only we could all fail that profitably. Ah capitalism, not really a long term solution, especially when you have a finite amount of space to live on & finite resources to live off. Do you really think they'll develop solar energy when the sun is free? Yellow gelcoat resin with expanding foam core.

cheap toys free shipping
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