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Mechanical Toys For Kids

mechanical toys for kids
    mechanical toys
  • Mechanical toys are powered by mechanical energy, for example using rubber bands, springs, and flywheels.
    for kids
  • The Sport Ju-Jutsu system for kids is designed to stimulate movement and to encourage the kids natural joy of moving their bodies. The kids train all exercises from Sport Ju-Jutsu but many academys leave out punches and kicks for their youngest athlethes.
  • 4Kids Entertainment (commonly known as 4Kids) is a Worldwide International American film and television production company. It is known for English-dubbing Japanese anime, specializing in the acquisition, production and licensing of children's entertainment around the United States.

Day 86/365 Steven and Amber on Mechanical Advantage
Day 86/365 Steven and Amber on Mechanical Advantage
3/27/09 - Easy mechanical advantage stuff. Just equations, transfering and crap... Tooo easy to me.. =P OH MY GAWD! Thank you friday! :D There was just one part in this class where I felt the least bit stupid.. =P Harrison's class was easy. Testing was fast and painless. lol. So we had a game today after school. it was us against San Marino. We were bound to get creamed... >.> My hand was screwed up and I was going in single. So these guys were actually pretty nice. I was doing really bad, and they were playing really easy on me. The were actually toying with the whole team lol. But what ev. The were really nice and polite. I quit before my 3rd and last game. I basically hit all the balls out of the court... -.- So I went to hit the benches, when I realized this chick I knew was acting really weird, swaying constantly. couldn't keep her eyes on one thing for a long time, kept clacking her teeth. It was really weird till I found out what she was on... lol. So. Getting a 20 minute hug from someone is kinda weird, especially when your legs were tired. lol. Basically the friends I had there was like, shes stupid, and we all tried to help her get over it. Gallons of water... DONT TAKE ECSTASY KIDS Its bad for you. Then after that, we got on the bus, started talking about stuff and crap lol. Sam turned into Ching Ding Lang or something xD My mom stopped by the school, Picked up my stuff and dropped me off at the street fair. Met sam and dom up at subway. Then we went to Mark Twain, where we met up with alex, who I haven't seen in ages. We caught up with each other, then we went to ashley's house, not far out. We were on the sidewalk talking to alex about Hayat, his ex. Then this guy comes up to us and mutters "can I sit down with you guys". We said sure. We couldn't just go, "umm... no fuck off. You're making us uncomfortable." So yeah, he sat there for 7 minutes, staring at the other ashley, then he got up and started talking to alex about drugs. lol. He started smoking a cig. Then somewhere in their conversation, he included terrorists, and agressive motions. lol. It was really freaky. our fingers were flying on our phones as we were texting each other about it. The I realized that he looked like M. Night Shyamalan. xD it was sooo weird. Although he corrected me and said his name was Ganish... lol. oh well. Then he left, took 4 steps, came back and started talking about drugs again and how he shouldn't do them, then high fived alex 4 times in a row, and left, took 7 steps, came back and started talking to alex about drugs even more. xD The he started showing Major signs of agression. Dom had his knife at the ready for anything. xP. Then he left, after killing alex's hand with high fives. After he left, We were really freaked, so we decided to go to the dark safe alley instead of hanging on the dangerous lighted sidewalk. xD Inside jokes for today: "Hey joseph, have you head about myspace? Well, im going to add you to my hero's section." "Ganish"
Lego Chopper
Lego Chopper
Yesterday and today, the Letster has been running a fever, she's better today than she has been but has passed it on to me, or vice versa, I was feeling slightly icky last week, but I digress, the fact is, we're both stuck inside. So what to do? LEGO! The Letster has been showing a lot of interest in Lego of late, she'd had a few sets for a while but just recently has really got into it and Lego is an ideal toy for us both to enjoy. She has a creator house set which I built for her yesterday but today she wanted a vehicle. I used to build tons of vehicles when I was a kid and I tried my had at building some stuff last year, inspired by the pieces that Yoderism turns out, but my attempts were horribly rusty and I was kind of going for the mini-scale stuff. I remembered how I used to turn the car windscreens on their sides as a kid and they always reminded me of those big ol' Russian helicopters, so with one of those in mind, I settled down to build. It's a bit blocky and no-where up to the standard of some of the stuff out there but seeing as I'm about 25 years out of practise I think it's a pretty good effort. Sure, it's lacking in detail, but it's all one colour, the rotors turn (and fall off at the lightest touch) it has opening doors and a cockpit that opens with room for two pilots. Besides, the Letster is happily playing with it right now, having added mechanical, grabbing arms to the front, so that's all that matters! Roll on Christmas, she's getting the mobile police command centre and police station, I can't wait!

mechanical toys for kids
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