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Magnetic Travel Toys

magnetic travel toys
  • Capable of being attracted by or acquiring the properties of a magnet
  • capable of being magnetized
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  • change of location: a movement through space that changes the location of something
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  • (toy) plaything: an artifact designed to be played with
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Flipsiders: Checkered Flag - How to Play
Flipsiders: Checkered Flag - How to Play
There it is - the whole game board. Here's how you play: Put one game piece each on the start line, another on the N (neutral) dot in your little shift box. Before your first move, slide your gear piece into 1st gear, and then spin the spinners. In 1st gear, use the A wheel only to determine how many spaces to move (it'll be 1-3). In 2nd gear, the B wheel (1-6). In 3rd gear, add them both together for a possible 1-9 spaces. Before each turn (and definitely BEFORE, cheater!), you may move up or down one gear (never back to neutral), so if you're right up against a string of accident spaces, you probably want to get in a higher gear and hope to spin your way over the whole thing. If a big 3rd gear spin might land you in trouble, gear down and hope to get closer without hitting anything in preparation for a bigger spin next time to jump over the danger. If you land on a red accident zone in 1st gear, you're fine. If you're in 2nd or 3rd gear when you land there, slide your gear piece to the adjacent crash dot, and then for each of your next 1 or 2 turns, you don't move - you simply slide your gear piece 1 more toward N (neutral). On the next turn that finds you in neutral, slide into 1st and roll your way out of there. There are 4 green no-pass zones. If a player is in one of these 12 spaces, the other can't pass them. They must stop on the space behind them should a spin otherwise allow them to tie up or pass them. I thought this was a clever use of the 4 hinge areas that narrow the game board, as 2 pieces won't fit together side-by-side on those spaces. And that's it! The first person to cross the finish line wins, and you can lengthen the game by simply adding more laps. Roll over the image above for a few specifics.
Iron Man, Mark 1
Iron Man, Mark 1
* First Appearance: Tales of Suspense #39 The original grey armor was built around an iron chestplate designed to prevent the piece of shrapnel he'd received in Vietnam from traveling to his heart and killing him. The armor, made from ordinary iron, provided protection from physical attacks (completely resistant to small arms fire) as well as heat, cold, some energy forms, and acid. Powered by flat linear armature DC motors (rechargeable via any electrical outlet), the exoskeleton boosted the strength of the wearer by about 10 times, and employed negative feedback for motion sensing. Air pressure jets allowed for extended jumps, but not true flight. Weaponry included a chest-mounted monobeam (proton beam generator; useful range was only a few yards), a miniature hacksaw that extended from the gauntlet's fingertips, and magnetic turbo-insulators that allowed him to magnetically deflect metal projectiles or bring metal objects to him. Sensors consisted of a short-wave radio. All of the armor's devices and functions were manually controlled by the wearer. Stark constructed at least one updated, form-fitting version, still rigid, upon his return to the United States. ------------------------------------------------------ Friday cannot get here fast enough.

magnetic travel toys
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