How To Make Stuffed Toys At Home

how to make stuffed toys at home
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Day 275 - 17!
Day 275 - 17!
The day started off nicely! I woke up and my mom was awake making me pancakes. She gave me a hug and said happy birthday! I got changed for practice and ate pancakes while chatting with her. Then dad woke up and said happy birthday but refused to drive me to practice. I was late because of him rawrrr. My mom drove me to practice and when I got there, everyone said happy birthday to me! :D I ran warmup with Jessica and looked at the boys practice and HE WASN’T THERE :( I was so sad! I really hoped I would see him there! Anyways! I proceeded to have a really fun practice with my stickyz and June! AND EMILYYYYYYYY. I GAVE HER SUCH A GIANT HUG, I MISSED HER. The beginning wasn’t so great cause I had cramps, but I played through them. Then when we were 3-on-3ing, I caught the disc on the ground and did something to my ankle AGAIN. So frustrating. Then we scrimmed with the guys and they had to play savage because my ankle hurt too much to play. Jackson came over eventually and asked me what was wrong, so I told him and he lent me his ankle brace! I was able to play the last two points. Anyways, on the last point, everyone wanted to know if I enjoyed being on ______ and I realized that everyone still thinks I like him. Oops. I have to fix this soon LOL I went home, iced my ankle and then put on some nice clothes and Nina picked me up! Her mom dropped us off at Cunningham where we met Wilson. Nina pulled out a homemade cake that said “Happy Birthday Shannon” and we tore it open and devoured it. Kinda. We ended up leaving half of it because it was way too sweet LOL. Then we walked to the Q17 stop where I tried to figure out why were going to flushing. They kept giving me hints and I kept missing so badly. I guessed indoor skydiving, korean BBQ, karaoke and lots of other stuff. When we got on the Q17, I was still guessing and couldn’t figure it out! So I called Viv and she told me asians are either eating or karaoking around this time. But Nina and Wilson said that wasn’t it :( Then, one of the biggest surprises ever! JULIA JIN GOT ON OUR BUS! She came down from Bing to go see her orthodontist LOL. I was so surprised to see her! We chatted and caught up with each other (she’s still as hilarious as ever heh) and she told me she doesn’t play ultimate anymore :( We got to flushing and Julia and I parted and Nina & Wilson took me to go eat kimbap. On our way we got distracted by a cute store! We all went inside and Nina bought me a teddy bear bookbag (squeee so cute!), and pens for herself. I was looking at some kpop socks (they had big bang and 2pm, how could I NOT look?) and the REALLY REALLY CUTE GUY AT THE REGISTER TOLD NINA SHE COULD HAVE TWO PAIRS OF SOCKS FOR FREE. They were like $10 a pair!!!! So she took the Chansung socks and I took the Seungri socks :3. We kept walking to go to the kimbap place and I saw ANOTHER korean store. Except this one was all in korean and in their display case they had magazines with Yoochun and Yunho’s face on it. I dragged both of them inside and wandered around looking at everything! Nina bought me a 2NE1 poster and as we were leaving, I happened to look behind the counter and proceeded to have a heart attack. STARING ME RIGHT IN THE FACE WAS THE TOHOSHINKI (aka DBSK) 2010 BEST SELECTION ALBUM. I was like a little kid in a toy store. I squealed and leaned over the counter and began pointing out all the various groups I knew (Miss A, SHINee, Big Bang, 2PM etc. ) The cashier was looking at me like “wtf. how does she know all this.” and Wilson just stood there saying “Girls…..*sigh*” Nina bought me the cheaper best selection CD (one was $28, one was $45) and we went off to the kimbap place! We finally got there and ordered! I had a sausage roll, nina had a beef roll & wilson had spicy tuna! Mine was okay, but NINA’S WAS SO GOOOOOOD. Then they pulled out candles, stuck one in Nina’s kimbap, made me blow it out and then eat the kimbap LOL. So silly! While we were eating, Nina & I were so excited, we opened the Tohoshinki CD. but it was BROKEN! We were so upset, but we decided to exchange it at the korean store since we had to pass it again anyway. We left the kimbap place and then went back to the korean store and the guy was so sorry about selling us a broken CD, HE GAVE US THE $45 CD FOR FREE!!!!!!!!!!! Guys, I am now a proud owner of the Tohoshinki Best Selection 2010 CD & DVD. :3 Nina and Wilson said I was a good luck charm and should go out with them more often because people give them free stuff because of me LOL. We then walked to a pool place, where we played for about an hour. While we were walking, I was holding Wilson’s hand while Nina had linked arms with Wilson! I guess people thought Wilson was the illest pimp or something, because they kept looking at us funny. I guess I would look at us funny too…it’s not everyday you see an asian boy connected to two brown girls ahahaha. One group of girls even said “I don’t get it….is he sharing those girls?!” Bu
A Little Boy’s Enchanted Toy Cabinet ~1:12th Scale
A Little Boy’s Enchanted Toy Cabinet ~1:12th Scale
“A Little Tale”… Gosh, he loved his toys. He loved the way they smelled, the way they felt, how they moved, and, most of all, how much fun he had playing with them. For a six going on seven year old boy, he was very bright and had a rich and vivid imagination. For each of his toys he created an entire imaginary world. They had names, family members, houses, and lived in all kinds of really special places like the ocean, the stars, in the center of the earth, under mushrooms, and, even, on leaves in his backyard. But, his favorite toy was the big battleship his Grandpa had given him. He used to play with that battleship every day when his Grandpa came to visit. They would make it sail on his bedspread or across his slippers or even on his dog’s back. His dog loved it and would wiggle his tail and make his body flat to the ground so the ship could sail from his tail to his head. Boy, they had so much fun together, laughing, and imagining, and all kinds of really neat stuff. But, then, one day, his Grandpa didn’t come to play. His Mommie was crying when she held him very tightly in her arms and told him that Grandpa would not be coming to play with him ever again because he went Home. This made the little boy very confused. So, he got the phone and dialed his Grandpa’s phone number and waited for him to answer. If he was home, he would ask him why he was not coming over to play anymore. But, no matter how many times he called his Grandpa, there was no answer. Now he really was confused and upset. If his Grandpa was home why couldn’t he come over and why didn’t he answer his phone? He tried to ask his Mommie, but each time he did, she started to cry and ran out of the room. He didn’t understand. Grownups never told kids nothin’ right and they never answered their questions. So, the sad and confused little boy missed his Grandpa very much, could not talk to his Mommie about it, and felt so lonely. He thought maybe he did something wrong and hurt his Grandpa’s feelings… maybe that was why he no longer came to play. He remembered how he loved to see his Grandpa’s face every day with his big smile on his face. He loved how he smelled, how cozy he was, and he was a really good hugger. But, most of all, he loved his laugh. Plus, he was a really good player. But, now every time he looked at his battleship, he felt so sad, confused, and lost. So, he stopped looking at it and playing with it and turned his attention and imagination on his other toys. As time went on, his Grandpa’s image began to fade and he remembered him less and less. He no longer missed him or felt lonely. But, every day around the time his Grandpa would arrive at his house to play and swoop him up in his arms, the little boy thought he heard his Grandpa’s laugh. He would turn and look, but, sadly, he never saw anyone there. ~ Marsha J. West, Author ~ (This is my original story and property. It is not to be copied, reprinted or used in any medium.) Listed for sale at Enchanticals my Etsy shop. Please see my Flickr profile for the link to Enchanticals.

how to make stuffed toys at home
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