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Big Toys For Big Boys

big toys for big boys
    big boys
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Big boys-Levi
Big boys-Levi
Please link back to this 'Flickr' page if you want to mention it elsewhere and credit it to 'scottimike'. This affable Polynesian man 'Levi V' appears on the local TV and newspaper adverts for the 'Mitre 10' (mega store branches) homestore. He was probably one of the strongmen at the 'Big Boys Toys' show in Auckland today.He was pleasant and certainly seemed genial enough to pose those huge arms when I asked him. The jovial 200kg giant Levi Vaoga has told us many times "Big is Good". But Mr Mega Mitre 10 hasn't always been the Mr Big of NZ commercials. By his own admission he says he was a ‘skinny little kid' but he had big dreams of being like Superman.
Big Boy, Big Toy....
Big Boy, Big Toy....
A happy Markku in front of his big toy which will be launched the day after, the EMSDOLLART. Things are going great for him and I hope that it remains that way.... I call him 'big boy' and in many ways he is like a father figure to me.... Western Marine Shipyard, Chittagong

big toys for big boys
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