Vintage bulova watches women. Men's watches orange. Chronograph paintball

Vintage Bulova Watches Women

vintage bulova watches women
    bulova watches
  • Bulova is a corporation making watches and clocks. It has its headquarters in Woodside, Queens, New York City.
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Steampunk Unisex Adjustable 15 Jewels Bulova Watch Movement Ring with Rubies
Steampunk Unisex Adjustable 15 Jewels Bulova Watch Movement Ring with Rubies
This lovely Bulova watch movement ring features 15 jewels and is the perfect accessory for any time travel adventure you may have on your agenda. Unisex ring is mounted on an adjustable bright raw brass filigree ring base with industrial strength adhesive. Watch movement measures at about 1 inch in diameter and still has the winding mechanism intact at the top. 4 of the small rubies used in the watch are visible on the top of the ring. Truly, a lovely, versatile piece of steamy style. All my steampunk items feature repurposed materials from items that were no longer in working order. In this manner, I am able to revive a bit of the past rather and provide it with a new, functional life as a wearable art object of beauty.
Grow Old Along With Me..The Best Is Yet To Be..
Grow Old Along With Me..The Best Is Yet To Be..
In the Queens Botanical Gardens this morning.... This was given to the gardens on April 1951, by the Bulova Watch Co.... Dreams on how it should be... Be well all, and enjoy the holiday weekend! ;0}

vintage bulova watches women
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