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Spring Bar Watch Faces

spring bar watch faces
    watch faces
  • (Watch face) A clock face is the part of an analog clock (or watch) that displays the time through the use of a fixed numbered dial or dials and moving hands.
    spring bar
  • Component parts of a weight-distributing hitch system. The spring bars are installed and tensioned in such a manner as to distribute a portion of the trailer's hitch weight to the front axle of the tow vehicle and to the axles of the trailer.
  • A clever method to fasten a watch attachment (strap or band) to the lugs of a watch case is to use a cylindrical mechanism that contains a spring which pushes against pins at each end of the cylinder.
  • A small spring-loaded pushpin, which passes through the end piece into either side of the lugs, thus holding the bracelet onto the case.

Wrath of the King (6-28-9) #5
Wrath of the King (6-28-9) #5
Rai Pawpad rolls to one side, watching them. He's whispering softly. "They don't know what they're doin. Don't know that the wrath of the King is comin down on their heads." Rai Pawpad jumps up and slams himelf into the side of their cage. Jaina Lefevre edges closer to the bed and bows her head, crying silently. Rai Pawpad crawls halfway up the chainlink, shaking it and making a feral sound, somewhere between a shout and a yowl. Jaina Lefevre sniffle-whispers. "I'm sorry Rai. If'n you wasn't with me, you wouldn't be gonna dyin' too." Rai Pawpad drops down from the fence, his tail swishing, his eyes dark. Rai Pawpad: "No one's dyin, Jaina. No one but them." Jaina Lefevre shakes her head. "Th'Director...that's that ass-brink guy what tried t'steal me in the hopspittle." She leans on the bed edge and scrubs at her eyes with the heels of her hands. Rai Pawpad: The fact that she'd scared finally penetrates his own fear driven rage, and he crouches down next to her. "It's gonna be okay, Princess. Look at me...It's gonna be. Jaina Lefevre looks up at him and her lower lip quivers, tears streaming down her face. "Rai...this is bad. This is really really bad. I been hidin' so many places, Mommy won't even knowed I'm gone." Rai Pawpad reaches out to her, pulling her into a hug. He brushes her tears with the back of his hand. "Listen. " His eyes are dilated and intense. "The Prince and the Princess always get rescued. It's in all the books." Jaina Lefevre tries to find comfort in that. She really does. "This ain't a book, Rai." she whispers. "This is the bad pictures only I'm not sleepin'." Rai Pawpad holds her tighter. "It isn't just the books. The bones of the Sleeping King talk to me." He doesn't admit that often. "And I know we're gonna live to take our kingdom." He looks over his shoulder. "And if your mom doesn't find us...the tengu will." Jaina Lefevre looks at him, confused. "The bones...sleeping king? What?" She doesn't understand. "What do you mean?" Rai Pawpad looks impatient. "Well you know that the True King of Midian is sleepin under the city. I told you that." Jaina Lefevre chews her lip. "You found bones under the city? There's lotsa dead stuff. I'm tryin' to unnerstand, Rai." Rai Pawpad: "He's been there so long that his bones are rocks. And he was a giant, so they spread under all the city." He sits back a little. "You know how the old kings wer always giants?" Jaina Lefevre nods a little bit. "An' he talks to you? How does he talks to you?" She's calming a little with his 'story', and the fact that she's not locked inhere alone this time. Rai Pawpad rocks a bit holding her. His eyes go distant, looking at a spot over her shoulder. "Well, sometimes, I go down into the deep parts. You know? Where the bones are. And I think about things, very hard. Sometimes, because I'm the Prince, I hear words tellin me what to do." Jaina Lefevre swallows a little and nods, clinging to him and rocking with him. "What kinda stuff does he tell you? Because I get those kindsa words when I read. Like ideas in my head." Rai Pawpad purrs a little. "He tells me to watch my people. To take care of the little ones, even when I don't like em. He told me what to do with the UAC, but I didn't listen." Jaina Lefevre whispers. "What did he tell you to do?" Rai Pawpad pulls back and looks at her. "He said, "What do you do when you're killin a snake? Only he said it different, like.."When slaying a venomous serpent..." Anyway, he said, what do you do first? And I said, "You cut off it's head." Jaina Lefevre watches his face, searcihng his eyes. "So...we gots ta kill the Director." she nods quietly. "And we gotta whisper and not let them read our lips 'cause there is cam'ras in here." Rai Pawpad blinks and looks around, this never having occurred to him. He drops his head close to hers and his voice is a whisper too, "That's the word of the King." Jaina Lefevre gives him a little smile. "R'memeber the thing RIver stole? It had the pictures of what that Assbag did t'me in here. From the cameras...up there." She flicks a glance to the corners of the room, outside the cage. "But they couldn't sees me when I was under the bed." Rai Pawpad growls. "He's gonna have ta get past me to hurt you again." He looks at her. "What did you do under the bed?" Jaina Lefevre: "Hid. In the back corner. He was shottin' me with big ball bear-rings. It was th'only place I could hide." Rai Pawpad lets her go and rushes to slam himself, snarling, against the chainlink again. "You mothersuckbastardfuckers! " Jaina Lefevre calls out "Rai! It's not gonna help! You just ge
35/365 Untitled
35/365 Untitled
oh my days i've been doing this for over a month! ah! didn't even noticed AND ALSO! 41 items / 1,512 views ! YESSSSSS AHH MY DAYS THANK YOU ALL :D! i didn't celebrate 1,000! soo ;/ 1.5k will do :D it's a cooler number anyways! hmm this photo was actually in between the shot i actually was taking. this was one of 2 and the only one in focus! so i was pretty lucky :) the other photos were absolute pooh. one of my best friends had her 18th party last night :D good times. hot tub :D! ____________ i have been tagged! lol so new to this. tagged by A New Way To Stand last move you saw in the cinema? Ummm i went a long time ago, i think Up? favourite current song? this day- emmas imagination and kylie minogue-get out of my way. what is your favourite tv show? i dont' watch tv, but i love doctor who what do you usually have for breakfast? i mix three cereals, kellogs corn flakes rice crispies and all bran into the same bowl then have toast with butter and laughing cow spreadable cheese. and robinsons orange juice :) what is your middle name? what food do you dislike? PRAWNS! favourite item of clothing? My YSL jumper :) if you could go anywhere in the world on holiday where would you go? Tokyo, Yosemite. favourite sport to watch? Tennis , rythmatic gymnastics,badminton how many pets do you have? none. but i used to have a fish called frostie before i had to move. favourite movie? school of rock, son of rambow, avatar, favourite candy/sweet? drumstick lollies :D or mars bar :DNOMNOMNOM day on the calender your looking forward to? 25 december what are you listening to right now? mad world-gary jules do you wish on stars? every time if you were a crayon what colour would you be? white so you couldn't see me, then you painted over me in water colour and i'd be there all magically :D favourite smell? pollen in spring time. what are you afraid of? myself. what is your favourite place to be?underneath my cherry blossom trees/ my abandoned gorge nearby. i just love walking by the river god it's amazing! what is one part of yourself that you like? My neck ! so random! i just like how it's quite long? that's not that weird?.... " " " " " " " dislike? insecure, my nose, the fact i cannot build relationships with people. do you think this survery is lame?

spring bar watch faces
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