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Sydney Holistic Dental Centre has been treating people from all over Sydney to enhance their oral and general health since 1983.  Our dental office has six dentists who have more than 100 years of experience between them. We also have four dental hygienists who help detect, treat and prevent gum disease and tooth decay with procedures that can be done from the home.

Our dental clinic was designed to support our practitioner’s holistic approach to dentistry, with a calm and relaxing feel. We have state of the art technology that ensures any treatment is done so quickly and optimally. Out treatments include holistic dentistry, restorative, implants and Invisalign. We offer treatments for breathing issues relating to sleeping and chronic musculoskeletal pain.  We also provide treatments that a conventional dentist performs, such as simple fillings, cosmetic dentistry, and most importantly, preventative dentistry. However, at Sydney Holistic Dental Centre, the difference is in our holistic approach. 

If you are suffering from tooth problem that is really painful you may need Dentists. Dentists can effectively cure this problem by simply extracting the tooth or giving your medicinal help. This extraction of a tooth by dentist can save you money and pain, but if you looking for a tooth implant later to fill the hole, the implant will cost more than a root canal and crown combined.

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In many cases you face problems which lead to the formation of stains and bacterial growth on your teeth which can be cured effectively by holistic dentistry. This bacterial growth like plaque and tartar can also develop on the teeth and form colored patches and are effectively treated by the dentist by implementing the teeth whitening systems.

This all and others will effectively help you to find out best smile on your face that you are looking for. Cosmetic dentists are also there for your help who can provide you the necessary cosmetic solutions for your dental problems. They help you to get the celebrity smile on your face that is much attractive and pleasing.

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There are various natural things recommended by holistic dentistry for your help.

These may include aloe vera, chamomile, clove, tea tree oil, peppermint, etc. According to them these are the range of medicinal items that have various properties like antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antibiotics, antiviral, etc.

Therefore holistic dentistry is one of the most recommended methods of treatment by dentist. It is also a popular and fastest growing method of treatment that is not only loved by patients but also by holistic dentist.

Health and Fitness of the body is quite essential for you to get the best smile on your face. You can now choose smile 4 you for getting the best results and that best celebrity smile which you always dreams of.

Nothing is more inviting, welcoming, even beautiful, and says more about your state of health than a warm smile. And this is how you will want to keep it. Therefore for many people, turning towards cosmetic dentistry is the surest way to protect their investment, by ensuring that their teeth stay white, straight and decay free.

But dentistry is not only about healthy teeth, it is also about protecting the health of the gums and indeed the health of the whole body. For example it is now widely known that periodontal disease is related to problems of the heart, and that badly aligned teeth can create digestive problems. Indeed there are several maladies whose origins can be traced to one or another dental problem.

What is Holistic Dentistry?

Holistic dentists are sometimes also known by the alternative names of biological dentists or natural dentists. As with other holistic medical practitioners, when treating a patient they will consider the whole person, including the mind, spirit and lifestyle, in addition to their body. And when developing a treatment program, they will endeavor to enhance the patient's overall health and well-being, not just that of their teeth. In doing this they will pay particular attention to the state of the immune system.

A holistic dentist will also reduce to a minimum the need to subject the patient to harmful x-rays, by the use of either low emission equipment or alternative means of diagnosis. They will also fill cavities by using non-toxic materials such as resins rather than employ a mercury amalgam, and frequently provide a service of removing old amalgam fillings and detoxification of any residual mercury deposition.

Holistic Dentistry and Amalgam Fillings

There is a body of evidence to suggest that mercury amalgam fillings, sometimes known as silver fillings, pose a health risk for all, but particularly those who are chemically sensitive. Studies have shown that such a low-level exposure to mercury can affect kidney function and even the neurological functioning of the brain, resulting in a cellular degeneration akin to that found in sufferers from Alzheimer's disease.

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For these reasons holistic dentists are typically against the use of amalgam fillings, and should you wish to have your old fillings removed and replaced, it is preferable that you find a dentist who can assess the compatibility of other materials and also help you with the process of mercury detoxification.

Holistic Dentistry and Fluoride

Most holistic dentists are totally against the ingestion of fluoride by the human body, as for example found in many toothpastes and drinking water. Indeed fluoride itself is known to be toxic and can be harmful even in modest doses. Former studies carried out in support of the incorporation of fluoride in water supplies have since been found to be flawed, and more recent surveys have found little health benefit.

Holistic dentists are important participants in complementary health care and often work in conjunction with other holistic health care practitioners. It is important that you are aware of your options when choosing a dentist and there are now increasing numbers of holistic dental practitioners. When choosing your dentist, do not hesitate in posing questions relevant to your overall health and on the dentist's attitude towards the various subjects discussed in this article. They will surely be more than happy to oblige.

Advancements in our current technology have dramatically altered many beliefs in different fields, especially in dentistry. What used to be considered safe before is considered toxic and harmful today. Holistic dentistry began in the year 1880s when the National Dental Association determined the damaging effects of mercury in the body. Since then, holistic dentists, otherwise known as biologic dentists, became an option for those who would rather undergo an all-natural dental care than the orthodox dental treatment.

Holistic dentistry focuses on the belief that the body is a whole unit and that it needs to be treated as one. This principle is based on the viewpoint that factors affecting dental health will also affect the whole body and vice-versa. They utilize various alternative treatment methods that are purely biologic and usually non-invasive.

Contrary to common beliefs, biologic dentistry offers a wide range of treatment options akin to mainstream dentistry. For example, they use acupuncture to decrease jaw pain and swelling before any surgeries. They also use homeopathy, a method that utilize various herbal treatments, to reduce pain, inflammation and the likelihood of infection. They also implement reiki healing; an ancient method of healing that was originally from Japan. In reiki healing, the seven major chakras or energy points are cleansed from any obstructions that may eventually manifest to mental, emotional and physical symptoms. The use of reiki helps relax patients prior to treatments and helps boost the body's recovery time to oral trauma such as root canal extraction and placement of implants. They even utilize aromatherapy, the use of plant extracts and oils in creating aroma that are used to lift a patient's mood.

In addition, biologic dentists also take the same amount of education as traditional dentists. They even study additional treatments so they can provide various options for their patients.

The good thing about holistic dentistry is it makes use of biocompatible materials for their dental treatment. An example of that is using another material aside from mercury, a known toxic element, in dental amalgams. They also employ various means of treatment that border on prevention and rehabilitation such as dietary modification, elimination of toxic materials in their dental treatment and incorporating cosmetic bonding to save the teeth.

The increasing awareness of the world about the harmful materials used by mainstream dentists has amplified the number of people reverting to holistic dentistry and it isn't even surprising. What with the all-natural dental services they offer, it is the healthiest way to keeping your teeth healthy.

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When and how did holistic dentistry come about? Holistic dentistry has not been around as long as traditional dentistry, but it has progressed over the years to give patients and the dentist office staff safe, alternative dental treatments and safer dental office environments to work in.

The central issue in dentistry that sparked the movement that evolved into holistic dentistry, and which is still a main tenant of holistic dentistry was amalgam fillings.

The Introduction of Amalgam Fillings

The first amalgam fillings were used in 1819 in England. By 1830, they were widely used and approved by the American Society of Dental Surgeons (ASDS). In the years following the common use of them, research and experiments done by various individuals were conducted, connecting this with mercury toxicity, the occurrence of SIDs in babies of women who had this procedure, and the leakage of mercury from the fillings into the intestines, kidneys, liver and pituitary gland.


In the late 1930s, there were studies done that yielded the connection between the risk and occurrence of disease and nutrition. In 1987, an experiment was conducted that resulted in the correlation between the use of amalgam fillings and the large amount of mercury particles found inside the pituitary glands of dentists and their staff.

In the 1840s, the American Society of Dental Surgeons reversed their support on amalgam fillings amidst growing research supporting the dangers of mercury in amalgam fillings. This led to a division within the ASDS as some pro-amalgam dentists break off to create the American Dental Association (ADA). Over the next 10 years, the ADA grew in popularity while the ASDS lost its members in droves, and ultimately disbanding. They are still popular today because of the metal's ease of use, availability and affordability.

Holistic Dentistry Comes Alive and Faces Backlash

The field of holistic dentistry wasn't fully recognized until the Holistic Dental Association was established in 1978. A few years later in 1983, the International Association of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) was founded to educate the public about the dangers of fluoride and these kinds of fillings.

Despite these setbacks, the 1990s and 2000s saw a series of breakthroughs of holistic dentistry including the ban of amalgam fillings in Sweden in 1994, and a 2015 lawsuit filed by the IAOMT against the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for the allowance of amalgam fillings with their known health risks.

Today, while there are many advances in holistic dentistry and in traditional dentistry, the use of amalgam fillings and fluoride continue to be heated topics.

Holistic dentistry has come a long way since the 1970s, though it hasn't been a smooth ride and in some ways still sees some pushback from traditional dentists. More and more patients, however, are realizing the potential dangers of traditional dental treatments to their oral health, opting instead to visit a holistic dentist instead.

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There probably isn't much difference between a holistic dentists than there is a regular dentist except that those that practice holistic dentistry believe that oral health is a true reflection of a person's overall health and they also take into account the effects of exercising as well as a person's emotional state of mind. They also focus more on nutrition, prevention as well as education. When it comes to cleaning your teeth the holistic dentist will favor the use of more natural ingredients as well as techniques.

Holistic comes from a Greek word that means "relating to the whole", and it covers an awareness of the physical, the mental and the emotional overall wellbeing of the entire person. So, a holistic dentist will more than likely ask you extensively about your personal lifestyle which will include your exercising habits, the stress in your life as well as your diet. A lot of holistic dentists will not encourage the use of extra fluoride and will focus more on preventing problems by avoiding sugar.

You can adopt a technique used by traditional as well as native cultures to clean your teeth at home. A lot of them will use a toothbrush that is made from twigs of healing plants like the bay, the oak, the fir and the juniper tree. The twigs from these trees seem to contain volatile oils that will help to stimulate the blood circulation and will tighten and clean the gums. They also contain vitamin C which helps to maintain the health of the gums. Unless this is prescribed to you by your dentist or herbalist it's probably best though that you stick with the more traditional brushes. You would need to have one specially ordered for you by a dentist or herbalist to ensure you were not getting any toxins into your body.

On your own though, you can use an alternative to traditional toothpaste by using baking soda, a pinch of salt a long with some water to make a natural paste for you teeth. Another holistic way of cleaning the teeth is by using a WaterPik, this will force water between the teeth and clean them in a safe manner and is quite effective. You can also use malic acid which is found in strawberries to clean the teeth as well. Just take a ripe strawberry and crush it then mix it with a ½ teaspoon of salt and leave it on your teeth for about five minutes. Then brush your teeth good and rinse. This doesn't just clean the teeth but it helps to whiten them as well. Only do this once a week though because too much malic acid could end up damaging the teeth.

Do remember that any kind of alternative medicine or holistic medicine should be used as a complement to any therapies that you are already being asked to use by a doctor. These should not be used as replacements for what your doctor has already prescribed for you.

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