10 Best Survey Sites & Success Strategy

You may have found best survey sites and guidelines elsewhere, but you would never have found the free tools and resources i am going to talk about here.

What you really want is to make some quick side cash online through Best Survey sites, RIGHT!

I believe you can and here, You 'll find all related information simplified.

What you are really looking for is a workable strategy to implement for making some sizable money from Survey sites.

Here is a short illustration of the whole process,

best survey sites success strategy

Worldwide open opportunities selected here are best for this purpose as you 'll come to know later in the post. Please grab a cup of something you like as this is going to take a while to read!

A step by step break down of the whole process to make an income stream from Survey sites online and the best resources to get you there are included in this post. So be sure to Read it Through.

Don't fret, Use Table Of Contents to go where you want.

List Of Best Paid Survey Sites Online

best survey sites no.1 timebucks

The Number 1 Silent King!

You may not have heard about it yet. Time Bucks is emerging as one of the best Survey sites there is. It has a great reward structure for its users. If you want to concentrate on only one survey site, it should be this one.

Here is what i like about this Survey website.

  1. You will get 1 $ just for signing up through This link. Don't Believe me? Signup and see for yourself.

  2. There are many ways to make money, from taking surveys to watching Youtube videos. From watching tiktok videos to completing offers. even for searching online for things you already search. I am not listing all the ways to earn here or this post shall become about timebucks only. I haven't seen so many ways to earn money from any other Survey site so timebucks gets the no 1 spot in this list.

  3. There is a ladder on timebucks showing users who have earned the most every single day on this website. There are prizes for earning more from timebucks. Top earner gets a bonus of 20 $ daily on this website. 2nd position earner gets 10 $ and so on. Top 5 earners get bonus rewards from timebucks every single day.

  4. There is a two-tier referral system. You earn 15 % from your direct referrals and additional 5 % from your referral's referrals.

  5. The design layout of Time Bucks is very easy to comprehend for new users and everything is explained in great detail. So i recommend to join now and make referrals before it blasts out. And it will be the next big thing i strongly believe.

best survey sites no 2 swagucks

Swagbucks is one of the most famous rewards site owned by Prodege LLC. It has trusted user base with many rewards options.

One of the most trusted and oldest rewards site and a recognized name by most online users.

  1. You can earn rewards by answering surveys, playing games, searching online through swagbucks search engine and completing offers.

  2. The referral program offers a modest 10 % commission on your referral's rewards but it can add up if you give it time.

  3. You can also use Swagbucks extension while shopping online and it will automatically show you the best deal.

  4. Cash out options include paypal or gift cards.

Checkout and install the famous chrome extension of Swagbucks here. Never Miss out on big savings

best survey sites no.3 ysense

One of the rewards sites owned by Prodege llc, Many of you may be familiar with this Survey site. Ysense was previously known as clixsense. It used to be a PTC website. Actually, it is not offering paid to click ads now. But it has other ways to earn money i.e. surveys and offers and has users trust. OK, here is why i think it is a great website for earning.

  1. The main thing i like about ysense is that it has a browser extension that alerts you whenever there is a new survey or mini job to make money from this website. The extension works pretty well. So, you don't need to login to the website every time you want to check for earning opportunities.

  2. Ysense has partnered with many survey providers to offer its users many opportunities to earn money from taking surveys. It also has Appen's mini tasks dashboard integrated. So that you can earn money by completing mini tasks.

  3. It has been around for many years and has been paying its users without any complaints. So, trust is there and it is very important for any survey site.

  4. Ysense offers 20 % commission on your referrals survey and tasks earning. If you are actively referring more people to the site this percentage can increase to a whopping 30%. This is very generous and i have not seen many Survey websites offering such percentages. So Join Now this amazing trusted Survey site.

best survey sites no.4 superpay

SuperPay is another best Survey site and comes 4th in this list. A London based company that has stood the test of time. It has been around for 8 years and has paid its member a whopping $3,432,693.00 since 2012. Here are some features of this amazing PTC website.

This website can ask you for address verification documents before processing payments. These measures are taken to stop users pretending to be from other countries to get more survey opportunities. It should not be a problem for you if you have been truthful. But i thought you should know this beforehand.

    1. New users can get 0.2 $ as a welcome bonus just by signing up though This Link .

    2. Superpay offers two methods of earning. One is from surveys and 2nd is from Offer walls. They have partnered with many platforms to provide their users more option to earn money.

    3. There are contests on superpay for top earners and the site is paying 1000 $ to top 20 earners as a bonus. 1st prize is 350 $. The contest is 3 months long and Top earning users consistently make more than 3000 $ in the 3 months' time. This is without including any bonuses! Off course the earning opportunities from survey and offers highly depend upon your demographics. But you can see the earning potential here.

    4. Referral program for this website offers an amazing 25 % commission on your referral's earnings for life. I believe very few websites are offering such generous commissions now a days.

best survey sites no.5 featurepoints

Featurepoints is another amazing Survey site. It is also not purely a survey site but earning is easy and can be counted in the survey category. Users earn points on this site and then convert to cash.

So here is why featurepoints is in this list

    1. You can get 10 bonus points just by signing up through This link.

    2. Users earn money by completing surveys and completing offers. Also, you get cash backs if you shop for what you already wanted to shop for using this website.

    3. There is a contest to win 5 $ every day and 100$ every month. This requires points for entries into the contest. You can easily collect points by survey and offers.

    4. The referral program of featurepoints is most interesting as it offers 50% commissions on referral earnings once you have referred more than 3 members.

    5. Payout is through paypal or virtual gift cards.

best survey sites no.6 rewardingways

As in the name, Rewardingways offers diverse rewarding ways to its users. It is a genuine website that offers mini earning opportunities. Reasons for including rewardingways in this list are.

    1. A trusted survey site that is paying its members since 9 plus years. It has paid $1,685,460.77 to its members till date.

    2. This website has surveys and offerwalls as earning methods for its members. The website is open for members from all over the world.

    3. There is 3 months earning contest. Top earner for last 3 months is awarded 350 $. Top 20 earners get a bonus of 1000$ in total.

    4. Referral program is stable and offers 25 % commission on your referral's earnings for life.

    5. Paypal, bitcoin and skrill are the accepted payment methods for this website.

best survey sites no.7 getpaidto

Getpaidto comes 7th in this list of best survey sites. It is an emerging rewards site that is looking quite promising. Here are some of it's features.

    1. You can get 20 points signup bonus just by Signing Up through this link.

    2. You can earn money by playing games, completing offers and taking surveys.

    3. Top 20 earners earn bonus 70000 points in total every week.

    4. You can withdraw using bank transfer, skrill, paypal, bitcoin, amzon gift cards.

    5. Referral program pays 15 % referral commissions.

best survey sites no.8 dollarclix

Dollarclix has been around for 5 years and is paying its members without fail. Here are a few of its features.

    1. You get .02 $ just for Signing up as a welcome bonus.

    2. Earning methods are from surveys and offers.

    3. Cash out options include Bank wire, payoneer, Tango, tesco and amazon gift cards.

    4. This website offers 20% referral commissions from your referrals.

best survey sites no.9 offernation
    1. Offernation is 9th in this best survey websites list. It has great user reviews and offers genuine rewards opportunities. So, let's look at some of its features.You can earn 0.25 $ just for joining this amazing site Here.

    2. Offernation also offers my favorite two ways to earn easy money i.e. offers and surveys.

    3. There is a contest for top earner every 3 months. Top earner in the 3 months period gets 350 $ as a bonus. A total of 1000$ bonus is up for the grabs for top 20 earners. Think you can earn more; you would get rewarded for your efforts!

    4. Referral program offers 25 % commission on referral's earnings for life.

    5. Payza, Paypal, Skrill, Bitcoin and amazon gift cards are the payment methods to withdraw your earnings.

best survey sites no.10 get-paid

Get Paid has been around for more than 10 years and has been paying its members without fail so it gets the 10th spot in this best survey sites list. Some of its main features are.

  1. You can earn by completing different tasks on this website like taking surveys solving captchas and completing offers. Also, you get paid pay per click. But The pay here is low hence the 10th spot.

  2. You earn in coins where 500 coins equal 1 $ and You earn different % of commissions depending on your activity level from your referrals. You can earn from 10 % to 30 % of what your referrals make. Also, you can earn from your 2nd level downline here i.e. referrals of your referrals. It also depends on your own activity level on the website. If you are active you can earn up to 25% even from your 2nd level downline.

  3. Each month the top 10 earning users get a total of approx. 108 $ in bonus prize. Top earner prize is 50 $ or 25000 coins. Also, a 20 $ sweepstakes is there every month but you can only participate by getting entries. Each entry costs 5 coins.

  4. Paypal, Perfectmoney, webmoney and bitcoin are the withdrawal options for this website.

Best Step By Step Strategy To Earn From Survey sites

You already know about some ways to earn small money from Survey sites mentioned above. BUT

If you are serious about making a decent income stream from these websites, it all boils down to two fundamentals.

1. Selecting Best Paying Survey Websites that are genuine.

2. Referring people to these Best survey sites to start earning multi fold rewards.

By now, you should know well about the best survey sites to join. So, the 1st step is taken care of. I just wanted to clarify why only worldwide open opportunities are selected on this post.

If you go for survey sites targeted for US or UK or any other specific country only, you are going to miss out on so many affiliate opportunities when you promote these sites through your referral links.

So, it is a no brainer to select only worldwide open opportunities when you know promoting would bring most revenue.

You can only make so much from these survey sites if you earn from surveys or offers completed by yourself solely. You should go for promoting these websites if you want some sizable cash.

Here are the best steps to get passive income from these survey sites.

Choose Your Favorite Free Survey Sites And Stick With Them

While this step is not directly related to making referrals, choosing which websites you would be investing your time and energy is important. You need to be active on at least a couple of websites to make some money.

I recommend using TimeBucks, Ysense and Swagbucks to earn some money before you start to promote your own referral links. Ysense and swagbucks offer a browser extension so you wouldn't have to login each time to check for earning opportunities. You 'll know shortly why i recommend this. But be sure to explore and decide for yourself.

You have to be active first to earn something passive later. Sounds like a quote but it is true.

Earn at least a dollar daily. Scheduling is important as it would keep you on track. If you sign up on all of the above-mentioned websites and take all the surveys or reward points available for that day but do not login the next day or the whole next week, It is going to get you nowhere.

So be picky and be punctual for this step.

Do note, this advice is for your use only and not for promoting. You should promote as many survey sites as you can. You never know which website your referrals would like the most.

Organize Your Referral Links And Promotional Banners

It may sound like boring discipline but simply organizing your promotional links can make big difference in your affiliate success with these survey sites.

Use excel files to sort your links for different sites and keep a record of all links. Also make separate folders for each referral campaign and sub folders for promo banners.

You should update the marketing efforts you have put in against each earning opportunity to track your success and duplicate it if it works. It sounds boring but takes no time if you have the intention to do it.

Use Best Free Promotional Resources To Get Referrals For Survey Sites

Don't underestimate the power of free to use promotional methods to promote your affiliate links. The results are normally slow but people do get results from these methods.

Join E Money Forums For Promoting Survey Sites

Join different e money forums like emoneyspace, warriorforum and many more like them. You can search for them using google search. Once you are active on these forums, you can add your referral link or banner link in your signature in forum posts. Always remember to read posting and spam guidelines to avoid getting banned.

Users here are naturally inclined towards these earning opportunities so the referrals you do get from these forums would normally do good. If they do good, so do you.

Many users promote their own referral links in the signatures here. So you may find competition but don't lose hope. It does take some time but is well worth it.

Free Classified Sites For Promoting Survey Sites

Strategically use the free classified ad sites. Post your ad in the correct category and don't use your direct referral link in classified ads. Most survey platforms don't like someone else (You) representing them on classified sites. So, you should put up a free blog page (there are many free options these days). I like groovepages as it offers you 3 websites, their hosting, and a whole lot of other stuff a beginning marketer needs for absolutely free.

You should promote your affiliate page URL on ad posting sites. Your ad would normally go under services or consultation categories.

Be genuine and truthful in what your page offers and what it doesn't. Post different ads on different websites. This would give you an idea of what works and what doesn't. Duplicate the type of ads that work.

You can find a lot of free classified ad sites in google search but be sure to post mainly on websites with good Alexa traffic rank.

Use Social Media For Promoting Survey Sites

Social media is your best friend when it comes to networking success. Make use of your social media presence and promote your referral links on these websites. Be mindful, by default, you would get banned if you promote your referral link publicly on sites like Facebook or Twitter.

You should send a pm to anyone you know would be interested. It is best to ask them first before sending such links.

You should always post your blog page with affiliate links on social media posts.

Here is a free tool you can use to join thousands of online marketers who would share your social media post with your blog page link on their social media pages. You just have to share their posts on your page and they will in return share your posts.

So, now, you cannot say i am a loner. How do i promote on social media?

Precaution: Don't post more than 5 to 10 posts per day on your social media page. Big names like Facebook and twitter don't like it.

Avoid Free Traffic Exchanges

Most newbies get stuck here so I felt obligatory to mention this. Free traffic exchanges like Easyhits4u are a free promotional tool but only for marketing niche. In case you don't already know about them, traffic exchange sites offer visits to your link if you visit other people's links. They in turn view your page.

But I Strongly recommend to avoid these sites as the conversion rate on these websites is crazy low. You would get discouraged after putting a lot of effort (viewing other people's pages) and not getting any or one or two referrals in months.

Use Paid Advertisement Websites To Get Survey Sites Referrals

Okay, enough with the free stuff, You can get guaranteed referrals easily for any survey site that you want to promote using paid advertising websites. Remember step 1, you made some cash from best survey sites online for something later! Well, this is exactly that.

You need to spend some money in order to get referrals for these best survey sites. In the long run, you would make profit on this expense.

Use Paid to Signup sites to Promote Survey Sites.

you can set up paid to signup offers on these websites. So basically, you are paying others some tiny amount to sign up under you as a referral in your selected survey site.

The cheapest paid to signup offer site I could find is PicoWorkers. Here you can get referrals for any free to join program for as low as $0.05. There is a downside to getting referrals through this way too. Most of the referrals you get don't even bother to look at the website they joined again. Why? because they did it for some pennies.

They had no interest in the earning opportunity you presented them with. They did it for money and it is done. So, pace your expectations accordingly. If you make 10 referrals this way, only one or two may be active after joining. Remember, you don't get paid for the amount of referrals on these survey sites. You get paid if they earn something for themselves

There are other paid to signup offer websites as well. But i am not mentioning them here. You can search for them if you want but i don't recommend them as their rate for referral signup is 4 times picoworkers.

Use PTC (Paid To Click) Sites To Promote Survey Sites

I like this paid option the most because the referrals you do get from these advertisements generally tend to be more active and earn some money for themselves and you as well.

You present them with the opportunity and they join by their own free will, so it can produce great results. However, keep in mind the conversion rate here never exceeds 0.2 % in my experience. The choice of PTC website where you advertise your survey sites referral links page is also very important.

I have found that generally most established PTC websites do great for these kinds of advertisements. I personally like Neobux for advertising affiliate links for survey websites. Neobux gets a steady flow of new members every day. These users are generally not aware of the survey opportunities you will present to them and are more likely to join as your down line.

You can explore different options. Just make sure to go for well-established websites with diverse user base.

Use Cheap Popads And Diverted Traffic

There are many other paid options for promoting your referral links page. I like two of them. Popads has great value for money and delivers cheap traffic to your blog page with affiliate links.

Don't use your direct referral links as targets here, use a blog page where you have your referral links. Some survey sites don't like such traffic. Just keep track of your results with different targeting and duplicate what works.

You should only use cash you made from taking surveys or offers from above mentioned best survey sites. If you earn less and have limited budget to promote and need certain number of monthly visitors without having to constantly keep track of your advertising efforts, you can try SimpleTraffic.

This website has great pricing on fixed monthly visitors. You can set certain things up like demographics etc. The main reason i like simpletraffic is they provide free trial so you can opt out and not pay a dime if you don't like the results from the campaign. You can get 500 visitors per day for first five days free. So, you have nothing to lose.

However, i would like to point out that the traffic here is diverted from other sites and this is called cold traffic. So, you would have to amp up your page's design to boost conversion. Get inspiration from top performing landing pages. There are many free landing page builders.

It sounds complex but takes little effort to set up. Just google it and you can find many free options to set up.

Facebook And Google Ads To Promote Survey Sites

There is always Facebook ads and google ads for most targeted traffic you can get. I don't recommend going this route unless you have sufficient experience in running ads. Setting up google ads is now a process you have to learn first.

When you have learned the art, you can try it. Maybe when you have grown your referral base and have a nice steady flow of income from best survey sites, you can set up google ad or facebook ad campaigns.

Skillshop is google's own learning platform which offers information on different google products and is completely free. So, try it if you want to dig deep into google ad campaigns.

5. Guide Your Survey Sites Referrals

    1. It is one thing to make a referral base but entirely another to make an earning from them. Truth is if your referrals don't make money, they won't stick with the survey site longer. So, you won't have any use of them when they lose interest. It is your job to guide them to success now.

    2. Give out free tools and latest success strategies to your referrals to use and grow their income.

    3. Be sure not to nag them too much or they won't respond favorably.

    4. Don't keep anything by yourself when sharing success strategies and be willing to learn from them too. You may be surprised to see some of your referrals know better than you. You should make a group and encourage them to be active there.

    5. Ask your referrals to guide their down line with same authentic and genuine advice you have given them. Be upfront, honest and unapologetic in your communications. You may lose some referrals in the process but ones that leave at this stage won't hurt you in the long run.

    6. Make your referrals your friends. If you make 100 friends and each of them earns 1 $ for themselves daily using these rewards sites, you can make anywhere between 15 to 30 $ in daily passive income depending on the websites they choose. Makes sense?

Common Questions About Survey Sites

Like with anything online there are a lot of questions in user's minds about these survey sites and how they operate. I am trying to answer some of the question that come to a common user's mind when using survey sites.

1. Are Survey Sites Legit?

To answer it shortly, Yes. Survey sites mentioned here are definitely legitimate.

There are some scam survey sites and like any other online income related industry, survey sites do have their fair share of scams coming and going without paying their users. You should only choose sites that have been around for more than a few years to be sure your efforts do convert to cash.

There are some sites who pretend to be survey sites but actually only host survey opportunities and spam the hell out of you if you register with them.

I believe, the sites mentioned above do not claim to be something they are not and are definitely genuine and paying.

2. What Survey Site Pay The Most?

The answer to this question is not simple as it depends upon many factors.

The amount of payment or reward for each survey can vary and the survey site or panel generally do not have a fixed amount to pay for each survey.

The right answer would be it varies from survey to survey. It all boils down to your luck and demographic location for you to qualify for a high paying survey opportunity.

The more detailed a survey is, more it pays.

3. Are Survey Sites Safe?

Some users are rightfully concerned about the safety of the personal information they share with different survey sites during each survey. You can never be too careful now a days when sharing information online.

When Facebook and Twitter can get hacked, any other website is no exception.

All survey sites usually have the guidelines and policies about how they use the user information and one common thing i found is that the information maybe shared with third parties for research purposes.

The only thing we as a user can do is to make sure never to give out full name, address, phone number etc during any survey. The address verification process (required before cash out on most survey sites) requires this information but it is kept by the survey sites and does not get shared to third parties. At least i believe it is so.

You should definitely ask about this in detail if you are in doubt when sharing your personal identification documents with the website.

4. How Do Paid Survey Sites Work?

Survey sites or survey panels collect data (user responses to different marketing question) and share it with interested companies that target the same geographic or age range population with their products.

These companies learn from collected data about user's feedback and intention about different related product. This helps companies in their product development and marketing strategy as the end user feedback guides the whole process. Makes sense?

So it is a win win. Before the internet outreach grew, main source of user feedback for big companies was field surveys that took more time and money to carry out.

Mental Roadblocks On Implementing Best Survey Sites Income Strategy

If you are this far in the post, you may have noticed it is lengthy and strategies are detailed. This may have put you of a bit. Don't fret, all the mental blocks and difficulties you are going to face are explained along with their solution in this section of the post.

1. Is It Really Possible To Earn Sizable Cash From Survey Sites Online?

This is the first question that naturally comes to anyone who is new to these survey sites. The short answer is, of course you can.

There are actually two parts to this,

1. Is anyone making an income from these survey sites at all?

The answer to first question is, many are making an income stream just by referring other users to these survey sites. In fact there are dedicated websites who get thousands of visitors each month and are actively growing their passive income by referring others.

I don't like mentioning other people or their sites names in the posts here but i can tell you top earners are making tens of thousands of dollars in passive income from these survey sites.

2. I don't know anything about marketing. Can i make an income from these survey sites?

Now to answer the 2nd question, don't doubt yourself. If you doubt you can or cannot do something, most probably you won't. But i can give you some indication if this opportunity is for you or not.

If you are serious about making money from these survey sites, follow the advice in this post and are willing to set aside some of your time every day, it is only a matter of time before you succeed. The extent to which your effort can bring fruits depends on many factors but your income will grow for sure.

2. Promoting Survey Sites Seems A Tough Task

After you start working on some of these best survey sites, you would run into this self-dialogue.

Remember, everything new you start working on seems difficult at first. Getting your first active referral is always more difficult. When you have dedicated some time and effort things start making sense. After some time, you would adjust your marketing efforts to your individual taste and start making progress.

Here is a tip for you, don't try to overdo it in a single day or a single week. You would get burned out and lose interest altogether. Give some regular daily time to promoting these websites. Slow and steady wins the race every time.

Also, you should not feel alone in your efforts, contact your sponsor and ask for ideas on how to progress. If you succeed, so do they. Copy what is working for them. If you have signed up through this page, i will be in touch with you to check if you need any help.

3. Staying Focused Over The Long Run

When you have dedicated some time and effort to these survey sites and started earning some consistent money, this would be the next challenge. The passive income grows slowly and you may become impatient. It is important to let go of the expectations and focus on consistent effort.

Expectation is the biggest mind block you 'll encounter during your journey to success.

If you are able to curb your expectations, the productivity will skyrocket. The more productive you are, sooner will the results come. Don't waste time daydreaming and do the work instead.

Also, remember to never invest money from your own pocket and use the money earned from selected best survey sites to promote your referral links. This will ensure you don't become desperate and lose hope in case there are any delays in your marketing success.

You can easily earn 1 $ a day from Timebucks and Swagbucks. Use this money wisely and you'll never be disappointed.

4. Investing Back In your Success

It is pretty enticing to cash out and use up the money you have earned.

When you do get some success, don't hurry into spending your earnings. Instead you should invest it back into the marketing campaigns that have worked well for you and let the passive income grow.

The survey sites i have selected above are legitimate and are here to stay. So, grow your down line exponentially when you have the chance.

Ultimately it is your own choice to which extent you want to grow your passive income but i recommend reaching at least 100 $ a day before using the money for yourself.

Precautions To Take For Using Best Online Survey Sites

Finally, there are some things to keep in mind before starting your journey with the survey sites. You should know these things beforehand so there are no surprises during the journey.

One Account Per Household

All the survey sites mentioned above allow only one user account per household. And one user account per IP. So, if you share your internet connection with someone else who is using these websites too, both of your accounts can be blocked at any time.

All your hard work would be of no use if such a thing happens. Also, rarely i have seen users complain about account suspension when they know there is no one else using same websites in the household.

This happens mainly because some internet providers don't provide users with static IP addresses. Whenever the network router is restarted, a new IP is assigned. This can cause some problems if the IP assigned to you now was previously assigned to someone who is a user of these survey sites.

To avoid this problem, you should request your internet service provider for a static IP address. Most of the time it is free and does not cost you a dime. At most it costs little every month. But you would have the peace of mind that your account shall not be suspended due to this reason.

Address Verification Before Payout

Most of the survey sites mentioned above ask for address verification documents before your first cash out request. So be sure to register with the correct address or change the address to correct one before requesting a payout.

Also, the documents required can vary for every site. Some sites may require your latest tax statement too. This step is important and you need to read all the site FAQ and guidelines before proceeding to working hard on the site. It is no use earning on websites you cannot cash out of right!

Getting these documents for most users is not that hard. it also depends on the country of residence of each user. You should be aware of this.

Select Survey Sites Which Support Your Payout Method

Pay out Method option is most important you would agree. You should have the e money wallet or the corresponding payment method available before working on each survey site.

Some websites only offer gift cards as rewards. To solve this, there are many trusted websites who buy gift cards and send you the money to your e money wallet after keeping some commission for themselves. You should be vigilant and do your research before promoting each survey site. I have mentioned the payment methods each site uses above.

Select High Paying Surveys And Tasks

survey panels offer diverse surveys, you have to choose high paying surveys and try to complete as any as you can. Sometimes you don't qualify even after answering a lot of questions. But the more answers you give out, your profile is strengthened and more survey opportunities will come your way in the long run.

Some tasks pay very little and are for time pass, like watching YouTube videos, choose wisely where to invest your time.

Don't Get Banned

Use the forums wisely. Read each survey site's forum posting guidelines to avoid getting banned. Sometimes you can get banned from the website all together and all your earnings are confiscated. To avoid this dilemma be respectful and don't spam on any survey sites forums.

Use Survey Site's Support For Guidance

use site's support department whenever you have doubt in something. Suppose you want to try some new advertising campaign and want to use your referral link instead of your blog page and you know it would get many hits per day, it is always wise to ask the site's support team.

Some new uninformed users use bot traffic exchanges for getting referrals which provide virtually no benefit to their marketing efforts or the survey sites. Some sites don't like traffic from pop under ads targeting directly to their site (your referral link).These users can get banned many times. You get the idea!

Conclusion And Final Thoughts

Using Survey sites to make an income stream online is very much possible for anyone who is willing to put in the effort.

This is strictly for your encouragement!

Take this as an example.

You make 100 referrals on any selected survey website where making 1 $ a day is easy. Then, you make 1 $ for yourself and message all your referrals that you have completed today's work. Ask them have they completed today's work?

Also ask them to ask their referrals the same question. If you can make 100 friends this way on timebucks, you would make $15 (15%) daily in passive income from your referrals and $500 (5% on $10000 earned) from their referrals daily if they all have 100 loyal referrals earning $1 each day. So the total passive income daily would be $515.

The problem is,

making loyal referrals is very difficult. Out of 10 active referrals, only one would be willing to invest their time in their own future success. Yes, you would be amazed at how lazy people can be. This is where you come in. Be active yourself and motivate you referrals to do the same.

Actually, i am in process of setting up a free membership site where everyone of my referrals can guide and keep track of their referrals and set up their own referral links page. Also, they would be able to invite their referrals to use and benefit from the website resources. I am thinking of putting up posts like these for encouragement. This website would be free for all to join.

Edit: UPDATE:: I have setup the above mentioned website at getrefs.club. So see for yourself how you can use it to generate passive income online. Its free and will always be free to join and work.

I am in search of a good script that i like. I shall share the news on this exact page whenever this happens so stay tuned.


But It is not everyone's cup of tea. Like any online success strategy, it takes time and consistent effort. The biggest positive is everyone can join for free. You don't have to sell it like every other product with a price tag. Still you should think twice before embarking on this campaign. Ask yourself if you are willing to put in the effort.

If you doubt you can, don't waste your time. But if you believe you can, it maybe the best opportunity for you to make a decent income online.


If you want to use this page's content for educating or motivating your referrals always cite the page URL. The content on this page is not to be reproduced or copied without proper reference to this page.

The process mentioned above works pretty well if put to work correctly but it does not and cannot guarantee the success as it depends on several factors.

I urge you again to never use money from your own pocket to promote these websites.

Thanks for reading! I know it took some effort.