Southwest Regional Emergency Management

Hurricane Shelter Plan

The above title is a 72 page document that lays out the operation of a mass-victim shelter that will be stood up in the BSW area, in the event of a hurricane, along the Gulf Coast. Best Southwest Regional CERT Volunteers are written into this plan with extremely important roles in making shelter operations a success for those in dire need.

At its January 9, 2017 meeting DeSoto CERT Volunteers will be hosting Dr. Anngie Johnson, Senior Disaster Program Manager, American Red Cross North Texas Region. Dr. Johnson is responsible for Red Cross operations in 121 Texas counties from the Texas Panhandle to Texarkana.

Dr. Johnson will be talking about sheltering in general, and the roles we as BSWR CERT Volunteers can play once trained. Many of us BSWR CERT Volunteers are already trained in Red Cross Shelter Operations, however, the question is “Can we ever have enough trained to assist those in need”?

We are expecting to open the meeting up to other interested parties, i.e. Fire, PD, City Stake- holders, and Elected Officials. Having a large BSWR CERT Volunteer presence would be outstanding.

So save the date, January 9, 2017 and plan to attend!  Location and time will be provided in the near future.

SIGN UP FOR IT HERE: http://www.cert-bswr.org/volunteer-information
COURSE INFORMATION HERE: http://www.cert-bswr.org/course-information

About Our Organization
Best Southwest Regional C.E.R.T. Program is an affiliate of Best Southwest Unified Citizen Corps Council and enjoys the support of all the Mayors, City Councils, City Managers, Fire Chiefs, Fire Rescue Departments, Police Chiefs, Police Departments of all cities in the Best Southwest Region of Dallas County, Texas. We also enjoy a great association with The North Central Texas Council of Governments and The Texas Association of Regional Councils.

Become a Volunteer
The Community Emergency Response Team training is ideal for established groups like neighborhood watch
es, home owners’ associations, community organizations, or groups that come together regularly for a common purpose. C.E.R.T. skills are useful in disaster and everyday life events.

In short - if you care about your community, don't sit at home and wonder who would help you in case of a disaster... become part of the solution.

To become a member of the Best Southwest Regional C.E.R.T. Program, send us your name, address, home phone, cell phone, and email address by clicking on the link below.
Service Opportunities
BSWR CERT has assisted in Cedar Hill's Country Day on the Hill, "Head for the Hills" Bike Rally, Neighborhood block parties, National Night Out, Independence Day celebrations in addition to being prepared for disasters. Want to help out? Click the link below to be taken to our calendar.