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Cleaning Metal Files

cleaning metal files
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Black Metal filing cabinets have been re purposed to store clothing. Sofa was found...and yes, I cleaned it. The little brown drawer is an antique used to store sketch books I'm done with. My friend's dad made the table that's sitting on top of the filing cabinet. I had used it for my kitchen cutting table a long time ago, but now it serves as a shelving unit. It contains an old school projector (because I'm cool like that and I can make large drawings with it) and a smaller projector from Texas Art Supply for smaller drawings. There's also a glass cabinet that was found and it stores more PC parts like USBs, DVDs, etc.
Cleaning a bastard file
Cleaning a bastard file
Use a piece of brass strip and work along the grooves of the file, the strip will soon take an indentation of the grooves and the dirt will be pushed out, you can use chalk on the file to stop metal build up when filing soft metals.

cleaning metal files
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