What Makes Us Sign Up To Subscription Box Services

The surprise that is in the box.

We go through the simple emotions when it comes to the subscription boxes and what is inside. We often like surprises and those that don't like surprises, often have a screw loose. The type of things that we see are anticipation, curiosity and most importantly, a surprise that is willing to make you laugh. Now you imagine all that each month as the cycle repeats itself all over again with the anticipation of next month's delivery. 

Why does a subscription box become so enticing?
Some may ask about the motivation about subscribing to the boxes and understand what makes people jump towards the opportunity to sign up. This can be explained by the hormones that are secreted within the body where there is the benefit of a reward awaiting and the gradual increase until the reward is finally delivered. This is the same experience that gamblers have in the casino and describes the scientific reason. 

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Have fun and happy subscribing!

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