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Online Camera Store

online camera store
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Support your local camera store, plate 1 - Arlington Camera, Arlington, TX
Support your local camera store, plate 1 - Arlington Camera, Arlington, TX
Brick and mortar camera stores vs buying online: it's like the difference between finding a record at Kansas City's Love Records amidst the strange burning hemp smells or just hitting the iTunes Store. The very first shot made with the brand new and essentially unobtainable Canon 8-15mm f4L fisheye zoom. Arlington Camera came through where the others came up with shrugged shoulders, I have been after this lens for three months now! The Peleng that got me stoked about fisheyes is looking for a good home. Canon EOS mount, 8mm, full manual. Flickr mail me if interested. Uploaded at full rez for your pixel peeping pleasure!
if i may, i would suggest that if you are ever in the downtown area of chicago, south wabash...please visit this camera store. has the old feeling of camera corner, but not the stuffiness...if ya know what i mean. pat spent a lot of time with me...and i appreciated that. went into a RITZ camera store, which was more of a "box" store and the guy didn't know WTF i was talking about...i thought that was funny. they were lookin up something i wanted that they didn't have, online. duh. i think they were more of a printing store, than anything.

online camera store
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