Choosing a good pair of running shoes is not easy especially when there are endless options available in sports and fitness industry. Before checking out the reviews of some of the best running shoes, it is important to understand your actual requirement. This helps in choosing the appropriate shoe to match your preferences and needs. You may run with your stilettos or other sport shoes that exist at home. However, these shoes are aright when used occasionally to run short distances. If you are determined to choose running as the real sport, you will definitely require shoes that are specifically meant for running. It is indeed the right investment to do as running without best shoes can lead to discomfort and other related issues.
Running is all about foot movements which is repetitive from heel to toe. It also involves bouncing of your entire body weight. When you choose the right pair of shoes, you will get the best traction and grip which helps your feet breathe easy. Running long distances without comfortable shoes will only lead to bruises or ankle injury in the long run. This is also applicable when you use other shoes specifically designed for other sports for running purposes. If you invest in good running shoes, there is certainly no looking back. Some of the best running shoes reviewed below offer ultimate comfort as they are made using best quality materials. Read below to know the features and pick the one that best suits you.

1. Saucony Running Shoe Men’s Cohesion 8

Saucony is a renowned company when it comes to manufacturing of running shoes. The company provides a wide series of walking as well as running shoes. The shoes are designed to make you feel comfortable with best fit and performance. The company has spent several years doing research on biomechanics of popular athletes. The main goal of Saucony is the design engineered systems that are creative which help you increase your performance in activities. Some of the concepts followed by the company include best cushioning system, stability and grid that offer benefits to athletes playing different sports. Some of the features of the running shoes have been listed below.

Features at a glance
  • Breathable mesh that provides comfort all day
  • Heel grid concept for stable cushioning
  • Flex grooves offers best flexible rides

Comfortable Sole – The shoe offers a 12 mm drop with its grid concept in the heel. As a result it offers best stability. It offers added cushioning which makes running sessions a comfortable one. The design on the shoe’s sidewall has many flexing points and grooves that offer flexibility. The foam comes with a shallow depression below the heel which helps in decreasing shocks and offers good cushioning. The bottom of this running shoe has sole having a rugged outsole design that offers best durability. Whether you are running on track surfaces or roads, it offers good performance for its users.

Best upper - The upper part of the shoe comes with a breathable mesh that offers grip in many areas of the shoe. The lacing concept helps in better fit. The overlays are designed with matte finish that adds to the look of the shoe. It can be easily washable and looks like a new shoe after each wash. The running shoes from Saucony are the best deal you can get as it offers good value for money. The shoes are ideal for entry level athletes or runners.
Durability – The shoe is designed using best quality materials that offer added durability along with best look. Regardless of the distance you choose to run, these running shoes from Saucony offer ultimate support and last for longer periods. Therefore, it is one of the popular choices amongst runners today.

2. Adidas Men’s Supernova Sequence 9

This running shoe from Adidas is ideal for everyday use that keeps you
motivated and going. These shoes offer some of the best features that make you want to buy it this very moment. This is an ideal shoe for those looking for best cushioning for a smooth ride and stability. It offers the required support especially for those looking for high-mileage running. It is also best suited for heel strikers or forefoot strikers on the lookout for shoes with high stability. Some of the key features have been listed below:

Features at a glance
  • Midsole offers energy returning midsole
  • Outsole is made of continental rubber for extraordinary support in both wet and dry weather conditions
  • Stableframe has the ability of controlling and increasing energy with every step you take
  • Synthetic overlays offer support

The Stable Frame plus foam midsole provides the best ride for both beginners and skilled runners. This is one of the most useful features that have made these shoes in demand. There is a sturdy plastic shank provided in the midsole for constant support regardless of the distance you choose for running.

The upper is locked down perfectly in the midfoot. This indeed offers a snug feel and also opens up easily in the toe box. It is lightweight facilitating comfortable running. You can be rest assured that your feet are not hurt or injured even when you are running longer distances.  It is best running shoe when it comes to stability due to its well cushioned ride with support that comes from the midsole.  The overlays lock down with best upper mesh.

Compared to the previous models, the running shoe is lighter in weight. This makes you run endlessly with a whole lot of energy. With best fit and features, it is definitely one of the most comfortable running shoes for fitness enthusiasts with a passion for running.

These running shoes are highly durable and make your running more like an enjoyable activity than just a physical one. If you want to run comfortably with no signs of pain or discomfort, the Supernova Sequence 9 is the best match for you.

3. ASICS Gel Quantum 360 Men’s Running Shoe

When the founder of ASICS saw kids walking on the streets barefoot, he decided to offer help to youngsters. He promoted the importance of Sports and provided them with best quality sport shoes to help them perform better. The founder designed the first basket ball shoe named Tiger and then a plethora of other sport shoes were manufactured. Besides footwear, the company is also known for best clothing and accessories. The company constantly strives in to help its clients feel better by offering only best of shoes. The runners can now enjoy the complete 360 degree turn through the gel cushioning concept. The new gel quantum 360 is designed keeping the sport in mind. It is unbeatable and is indeed one of the best brands for running shoes. The best construction offers grip and ride that is spring loaded to sweep through every workout. The runner will feel comfortable and continue running like never before.

About Gel-Quantum 360

This is one of the modern theories applied by the company that makes the product so popular. It is a lightweight shoe which offers a neutral ride along with GEL cushioning throughout the midsole for ultimate relaxation. The shoes offer breathable space that helps the inner excel in performance. There are many features and benefits of these 360 running shoes, but some of the prominent ones are as follows.

Features and Benefits

360 Degree of GEL - The gel cushioning offers not only comfort and support but also shock absorption. The GEL quantum is well equipped which makes the runners want to run more.

Fluid Fit – The primary objective of running is fitness and weight loss. Hence, the Fluid Fit makes use of series of different directional stretch mesh. This in turn helps in creating a glove like fit.

Seamless Built – This feature offers secure heel support and fit which allows your shoes to breathe in easily. It is lightweight which makes running sessions not only comfortable but constant as well. As a result, you get fitter and healthier in no time.

4. New Balance Vazee Pace V2 Running Shoe

If you are looking for a running shoe that keeps you going longer then
the New Balance Vazee Pace V2 is the ultimate choice for you. This is a perfect shoe for marathons with a lot of running sport on road for midfoot strikers. It is responsive and has the ability of making you run effectively over long distances. The Vazee Pace version has received a lot of awards and Competitor Mag and Editors Choice are some of them to name a few. Several companies manufacture shoes but the New Balance shoes are best known for durability due to its rubber midsole. It offers great performance and support for runners. Revlite is innovative foam that offers responsiveness and longevity that is higher than the other versions of New Balance. It is lightweight that makes your ride lighter and faster without compromising on the design or underfoot stability and cushioning.

Features at a glance
  • Fit feel due to its sleek construction of bootie that contributes supportive and snug fit
  • The 2 tone mesh supports the arch securely and also offers a streamlined look
  • The foam is made of rubber that offers best cushioning due to its lightweight feature

Best Performance – It is best known for its performance due to its snug fit. The upper is secure as it locks down the foot especially when the paces are faster. The engineered mesh offers a flexible and soft feel and also offers breathability. This indeed makes it the best option for those running for longer duration during summers.

Versatile cushioning- these shoes are best known for being reliable and the cushioning is the key feature that keeps you going in longer distances. The lightweight design helps in picking up the pace in no time. All in all, these shoes are ideal for running regardless of the pace or the distance.

5. Brooks Ghost 9 Running Shoes

The running shoes from Brooks are the neutral shoes that are best suited for high mileage. It is ideal running shoes that are not too expensive yet offer beneficial features to make your ride smoother and comfortable. Although there are many interesting features, the prominent one is the snug fit and plush design. The soft cushioning offers a great responsive ride for all the enthusiastic runners out there. The mesh upper is modified for maximum support and fits perfectly on distinct foot sizes and shapes. When you invest in these shoes, you can expect a balanced ride as it is versatile shoe suitable for long races, long runs or speed workouts. It is lightweight that makes it another reason for runners to choose it. Some of the key features have been listed below.

Features at a glance
  • The smart cushioning offers best comfort for runners
  • BioMoGo DNA midsole helps in adapting as per the stride
  • Upper mesh offers support and comfort
  • Flexed grooves provide smoother run
  • Foam insole is removable with soft fabric lining
Brooks Ghost 9 is the neutral shoe specifically designed for runners providing ample support. It works excellently especially for running on road surfaces. In addition to offering best comfort, it provides good support which is best suited for daily training. With its innovative midsole, the stability is increased and also runners can expect smooth landing with every stride. If you are looking for a running shoe that provides great support and durability, Brooks Ghost 9 is definitely the best choice to make.

Thus, these are some of the reviews of best running shoes for this year. If you are unsure about the type of shoes you need to buy for running purposes, these reviews mentioned above can be referred. It gives you a fair idea on the features as well as benefits which helps in choosing the best product as per requirement. If you are passionate about running, it is best to choose running shoes rather than opting for any other sport shoes.