How Much Weight Can You Lose By Walking Everyday. What To Eat In The Morning To Lose Weight. Weight Loss And Fitness Programs

How Much Weight Can You Lose By Walking Everyday

how much weight can you lose by walking everyday
    how much
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Chi...meanie... <^>
Chi...meanie... <^>
[0:43] Alayni Axelrad sighs as she heaves the massive bags of garbage out the medical bay doors. The bags were so full some of them had even ripped at the base. She put them in the trash bin quickly before losing any of it, "Damn nurses...can't even clean up after themselves....what the hell kind of crap is this..." she'd grumble angrily. "People wouldnt know clean if it bit them in the ass!" she'd say, much louder than she meant to [0:49] Shilandar Deledda stopped as he heard a voice, turning aorund and moving towards the sound of garbage cans being moved. Arms crosed at the forearms to lay a hand on either of his wrists, wtihin his coat sleeves. drawing ot a knife the length of damascus would be flipped in the air, caught and twirled over fingers slowly. "Welcome to Midian." [0:52] Alayni Axelrad turned suddenly from the voice behind her, only now catching the familiar scent her eyes had already revealed to her. She slammed the tin lid down on the garbage canister, eyeing the knife in his hand, her red brow raised. Her hands moved to her hips. Her body felt that familiar trembling, as it now always did in his presence, her nerves had improved however, and she kept them. "Dinna tell me YE be needin medical treatment o some kind..." she'd ask, her eyes never leaving that knife, "Or ye just be here to scare me...." [0:55] Shilandar Deledda tilted his head at that, looking to her a moment before chuckling and shaking his head form side to side. "No, I take care of my own treatment.. in my own manners." Palm flicked the blade upwards again, this time catching it right before his face. The flat of blade pushed a bang of naturally curled hair from his face, having allowed their original pattern to return as opposed the somewhat straightened form of previous presence. "As for scaring you, didn't really remember ya worekd here until just now. Can't say that's why I"m here, then." Crimson eyes focused on her for a long moment but body made no attempt to approach, simply eyeing her from head to toe, tracing form in a slow and rather lazy manner. [1:00] Alayni Axelrad tsked at that. Her raised brow lowered but they both betrayed her worry as she tried her best not to look at him. It was difficult to look him in the eyes now, everytime she would try to bring those blue orbs to lock his own they faltered, seeing the eyes of an attacker. She had come to terms recently with the fact he was not in his right mind when he attacked her, but it had happened nonetheless. She allowed her long locks of crimson hair to fall over her face, hpefully hiding her nervousness from him. "W...well what be with tha knife then...? Ye certainly seem like yer tryin ta scare me...whether that be yer original purpose in being here or....not..." [1:05] Shilandar Deledda looked to the knife for a long moment, eyeing it and then her. "Oh, is that your worry? The knife?" Snorting he rolled his eyes towards his skull and then slipped it downwards, hand disappearing into a coat pocket and hten removing itself to reveal an empty palm. "Nothing much at all but simple occupation of a bored portion of the mind." Foorsteps carried him towards her now that he noted that nervousness, slow smile returning to features though the disdainful tone of his words was far from evaporating. "That's what scares you, hmm? Violence? Or is it the worry that now, in my current state, I might have come for another taste of your body's carnal offering?" [1:09] Alayni Axelrad closed her eyes briefly before reopening them. She could see through his desires to play upon her mind, but it was still working. It took her a few moments before she could speak again and still maintain the steadyness in her voice. "Large knives make me nervous, yes. I have seen the things they are capable of doing to people..." with that she inclined her head toward the hospital as if that were enough of an explanation without the need for details. She took a deep breath, and very slowly exhaled, "Why do ye torture me so Chi? Did ye need to bring that up again? Ye weren't in yer right mind then...and I....forgive ye. Ye wouldn' that to" though she sounded as if she were more trying to convince herself than him, and she slid back a step. [1:13] Shilandar Deledda laughed again when she spoke this time. IT was a lower tone this tiem around, vocalization closer to the range of deep chuckle rather than the openly amused manner of before. "Torture you? Bring it up? You brought it up in your mind long before I brought it up in words.. the way you worry and fret around me... it's obvious enough what you are conerned over. It isn't just being stabbed... no, that you'd have responded to with that." Finger pointed to her gun, aiming for it and drawing back with a mocking waggle of tsking flavor. "Instead, you exude the scent of a
Dedicated Or Disciplined...SPT 7.3.08
Dedicated Or Disciplined...SPT 7.3.08
First let me say that I’ve been a walker for 5 years. It’s only been the last eight month’s that I’ve taken on a training program first to walk a ? marathon in April 2008, now training to walk/run a 5K in August and another walk/run ? marathon in October 2008. People say, how do you get up at 0’dark:30 and work out of all things? Here’s my answer to all those who wonder, not in any particular order: 1.Working out in the morning brings oxygen to my brain. I don’t feel awake until I’ve done at the very least stretching, even on my “rest” days. 2.Blood Sugar Control - it is a proven fact that exercise helps stabilize blood sugar throughout the day. I’ve known diabetics who by exercising were able to cut their medicine in ? just from walking daily. 3.4:45 a.m. is a good time to get in quiet time with the Lord. He’s kept me company many a time on that treadmill or on the road. 4. Empowerment! By pushing myself to a physical breaking point, I’ve powered thru some serious issues. Emotions come bubbling to the surface and I can get it all out. Several walls have come down due to a lengthy, sweaty workout. 5.Weight Control – several years ago I fell victim to the liquid diet fad, consequently I lost 70 lbs in 3 months and gained it all back (and then some) quite quickly after eating food again. My metabolism flaked out and since then the weight hasn’t budged no matter how hard I tried. This is the main reason I DON’T diet. Now I try to fuel my body and if I eat a Big Mac or a milk shake I work out that much harder to make up for it. Since taking this approach I’ve lost over 18 inches of fat off my body. 6.Learning to set goals- and accept the process that it takes to get there. I like the fact that I’m an ADULT ONSET ATHLETE. 7.Flexibility. Making sure to stretch after a workout is essential to flexibility, and makes me feel younger. 8.And finally I workout everyday for Killer Legs. Yeah I said it. Dedicated = wholly committed to something, as to an ideal, political cause, or personal goal: Disciplined = activity, exercise, or a regimen that develops or improves a skill.

how much weight can you lose by walking everyday
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