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Wild Republic Plush Toys

wild republic plush toys
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30" CuddleKinz Wolf
30" CuddleKinz Wolf
30" not including tail "Cuddlekinz" wolf plush made by "Wild Republic" I've been after this plush for a long long long time, and finally got him a few days ago! He's one of the nicest wolves I've seen in plush form, he's very detailed and sooo soft, This picture does him NO Justice, he's really much better in person! This guy was bought for me by my husband, who states he hates my plush toys but yet still buys me them all the time ^^ lol! I recommend this plush to wolf plush collectors, he can be pricey though, I say anything over 50 dollars is a rip off, I paid 50 for this guy at my local Zoo, anything above that is ridiculous! He's well worth the money though C: New With Tags This Plush is NOT for sale! not sure of the date Made by : Wild Republic (Cuddlekinz Line) Aquired : Local Zoo Gift shop! Plush's Name : Toboe Photos (C) "Dunkin" Wolfgurly666.Deviantart.com not for public use!
Cuddlekins Darwins Fox
Cuddlekins Darwins Fox
Darwins fox Cuddlekin plush This is one of the greatest Finds of all time, seriously 8D I never knew there was a Darwins fox plush, and to top it off, never thought I'd see one made by "Wild Republic" , I know you can probably see that I'm a MASSIVE "Wild Republic" Fan, I love their plush toys ^^ This one is certainly NO exception. The actual Plush is BETTER Than the product Photo, which was a great surprise 8D This plush is LIMITED, and is pretty hard to come by. This plush is NOT for sale! : INFO : Originally Sold: Select retailers Made by : Wild Republic Dated: 2010??? (maybe later not sure) Size: 12" Long, 10" 9" tall Condition: New w/ Tags Aquired: Ebay Photos (C) "Dunkin" Wolfgurly666.Deviantart.com 2011 NOT FOR RE-USE BY ANYONE THANKYOU!

wild republic plush toys
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