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Best Ride On Toys For Kids

best ride on toys for kids
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Free Range Kids
Free Range Kids
I'm not sure why I found this book so entertaining, but it confirmed for me that we have now become a culture of fear and pampering. Or maybe I've simply harbored a disdain and fear of parents as the enemy for so much of my life, because, for so long, homosexuals were considered unfit company for their little darlings. And then there's the quality of preciousness in our culture that deems that children be the recipient of all that we didn't have, turning them into consumers, chauffeuring them everywhere, overscheduling them and arranging everything for them and thus raising them to be useless at doing things for themselves. There's also a part of me that would have hated this kind of childhood and so I identified with the liberating of children from the overprotective culture that has created the United Scaredy-Cats of America. Plus there is a subversive desire in me to do something to horrify this population. I was proud to have traveled to England by myself at the age of eight (to visit my grandparents). My parents persuaded an acquaintance, a businessman and not a parent himself, to sit with me on the plane and make sure I got back on, given the 5 stops we had to make between Bangkok and London; he knew not what hit him, but I did teach him and another seatmate to gamble with cards. And my grandparents let me have the run of the neighborhood once I was in England to gather with my friends who were in the care of their 11 year old sister everyday. We played in what we called the Hogs Mill which was a large water culvert going under the highway. When parents tell me things were different then, I tell them that in my American neighborhood, the Zodiac Killer was at large and we still all got to go out on Halloween night without any parental supervision. So there. This author reminds us that whatever parents are afraid of, no matter how unlikely, just remind them that their children are 40 times more likely to be killed while being driven somewhere by them, so why don't they stop letting their kids ride in cars? Good idea it would be too. The impetus for this book came when the author first discovered just how oppressive the culture had become when she blogged about having allowed her nine year old son to ride the subway in Manhattan alone and found herself explaining such negligent parenting on several major news channels. Thus she decided to investigate if all these fears of stranger danger were valid and discovered instead the power of 24/7 news. For it was not until CNN spawned the need to fill hours and hours of live coverage that child abduction was discovered to be a hot topic for audiences. But in actuality crimes against children peaked in 1992 and has since dropped 74% especially sexual assaults. A competitiveness among parents has upped the ante of protectiveness. And a haranguing online culture putting down parents who aren't following the prescribed, up-to-the-minute, parental dogma. And the advent of cellphones allowing constant monitoring of children. And soon these overprotected children will raise scaredy-cat children of their own. Fear sells and children have become big business for everything including what they used to do best, which is play. The author blames a handful of things for cutting down on play—organized activities, educational toys, electronics, standardized tests and abduction fear. And she gives examples of how children are raised overseas which was fun for me too. In Germany, for instance, children are expected to go to the store to pick up bread as young as the age of four. And that, I realized is what's missing in my life. Children going on errands making themselves useful. That's what I used to do on my bike taking the short cut across the railroad tracks (which would break the eggs if I wasn't careful). Can't do that anymore either—they're fenced off. Most memorable tip. Allow one food item a week to run out so your kids learn how to make do.
2009-12-18 22:57:10 -Taiwan Day 5. #352
2009-12-18 22:57:10 -Taiwan Day 5. #352
Originally I was going to use a photo I shot of the lobby Christmas Tree for my post. That was until I shot the above photo, half planned, mostly by accident. You see since I arrived in Taiwan I was been flipping out over all of the amazing micro cars and vans they have here. So many great vehicles. The above is the Nissan Verita. It is the car that has taken the lead as my favorite so much that I asked our owner to get me one for my 5 year anniversary next November. Will that happen, I doubt it, but until the day when I can find a way to bring one to the states I have this photo. Eat your heart out Top Gear, this shit is hot! On to the rest of my day. First meeting of the day was at Wellgo Pedals. I got a tour of the place and we did some meeting. It was petty sweet. Kinda funny seeing so many Plastic BMX pedals being made that didn't exist as soon as a year ago. I shot some pics of some fully murdered out Twisted's getting assembled, black blody, black cap. Must have been for someones complete bike order. Some of the guys from Wellgo took us up the road to lunch and this was the first time we had some control over the food ordered, There were still plenty of new and really good dishes to dig into, but they really hooked it up. After lunch we were real close to the coast so we put in a request and hit the road to the water. It was pretty cool. Not too different that your usual coast, but nothing like a California Beach, thank god. We also made a sweet discovery while at this stop and plenty of the group were excited for it. Haha, all mysterious and shit. After that we hit up our complete assembly factory were most of us all took a go on some weird stand up and pump scooter thing. I studied everyone's Shaolin style and nailed the use right off the bat. I was stoked, I didn't want to look silly, haha. I don't think there was a way you couldn't look silly riding this thing. If was super bright green after all. The best part was the owners son hopped on the thing and punked us all with a casual and effortless style riding the thing, proving it was a toy for kids, not grown ass kids. One final stop of the day at our frame, fork, and bar factory to check out some stuff promised to us earlier in the week. Most of the stuff looked great, some others would be getting some testing later in the night. They ended up treating us to what I think was the best dinner of the trip. Very nice place for sure. I asked Richard, our owner, if they had any liquor, maybe some vodka since most were drinking wine and he asked. What I ended up with as choices was some Taiwan Grain Alcohol, 35 or 58 proof. I went with the 58, can't play it safe, haha. I was pored a pretty serious glass and we made a toast. I toss back the glass shot style and our owner, the factory owner and his wife were all stunned. Totally white with WTF faces on high. I was like, what? A few minutes later the waitress brings in the shot glasses for this booze and they were literally thimble sized. I has just tossed back near 10 of what they usually drink as a shot. Haha, that explained the look. How was the drink? I was pretty good, not as gasoline or marker as you might think. I probably had 5 additional little shots before nights end and called it before I was annihilated. I was feeling good when we left. We hit the local office to test some stuff and it was around then the week caught up with me. I was straight passed out on the couch. All the dudes but me ended up going out and I stayed in. Going to watch the rest of a movie and go to bed. Real long day tomorrow that ends with a 10 hour flight at 11:30pm. Till next time. As per the usual order, click on the picture above and follow it to all the photos from my Taiwan journey. I shot tons today. bdubblevision was here.

best ride on toys for kids
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