Lg Refrigerator Model

lg refrigerator model
  • An appliance or compartment that is artificially kept cool and used to store food and drink. Modern refrigerators generally make use of the cooling effect produced when a volatile liquid is forced to evaporate in a sealed system in which it can be condensed back to liquid outside the refrigerator
  • white goods in which food can be stored at low temperatures
  • A refrigerator is a cooling apparatus. The common household appliance (often called a "fridge" for short) comprises a thermally insulated compartment and a heat pump—chemical or mechanical means—to transfer heat from it to the external environment (i.e.
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  • The LG VX8350 was designed to replace the LG VX8300, and has in turn been replaced by the LG VX8360. The complete LG VX8350 list of specifications ar
lg refrigerator model - LG LRSC26980TT
LG LRSC26980TT Refrigerator
LG LRSC26980TT Refrigerator
Performance: Temperature adjustable(F/C), Ice & Cold Water Controls, Child Lock, Water Filter Status & Reset, Express Freezing Function, Jet Freezing Function, Room Temperature Electronic Temperature Controls with 8 Sensors Energy Star IcebeamTM Cooling LoDecibelTM Quiet Operation : 41dB Tall Bottle Dispenser Water Filter Contour Doors with Metal Handles Freezer 3 Slide-out Wire Drawers CustomCubeTM Automatic Ice Maker Dispenser: Cubed, Crushed Ice, Water Door Bins: 2 BigBinTM / 2 Fixed Freezer Light: 40W Pizza NookTM SpacePlusTM 2 Glass Shelves Multimedia Digital LCD Display on Freezer Door 13.1" Screen Size 640 x 480 Resolution 450cd/m2 High Brightness 400:1 Contrast Ratio VGA Display Digital Comb Filter 120 (left / right) 90 (up / down) Viewing Angle Stereo 2 x 1.5 watts Speakers Auto Level Sound On/Off Timer Sleep Timer Parental Control with V-Chip Closed Caption Remote Control RF Only Interface Refrigerator 1 Fold/2 Slide-Out Spill Protector Cantilevered Shelves Tempered Glass Shelves Snack Bin OptiBin Humidity Crisper Bin OptiChill Drawer with Four Selections for Thawing and Express Chilling Utility Bin w/Egg Tray Can Server Refrigerator Light: 4 x (40W) Refrigerator Door Door Baskets: 4 Clear Opaque (1 Grab&Go, 2 adjustable, 1 fixed) Dairy Corner 3 Gallon Size Baskets Bin Divider

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LG Kiosks
LG Kiosks
Finding a salesperson can be hard, but we’ve made interacting with LG easy. A touchable kiosk dispenses the facts on refrigerators, washers and dryers to reveal the beauty within. A Flash-based attractor loop catches the eye. Quick comparison charts and filtering controls make it easy to find the right model. Simple paths focus on the features, engineering quality and energy efficiency built into every LG. Based on positive feedback, LG has asked to us to expand on the original kiosk experience time and again — including the recent addition of television selector — and the work continues.
May2006Plus 127
May2006Plus 127
Ice build-up in back of freezer and you can see the ice-build up inside the JET freezer drawer.

Model LRSC 26940SW, purchased 02/18/06

lg refrigerator model