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buy chest freezers
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The Beer Machine
The Beer Machine
I really need to clean up this basement before the real unveiling. This is a 9 cu ft. Frigidaire chest freezer that I converted to dispense my homebrew. The collar is 2x6s with a 1x8 pine facade. Nerd 2 was excited because he got to buy a router to help with this project. The freezer has room for at least five 5 gallon cornelius (soda) kegs, but I decided to start with only 3 taps (I only have 2 kegs in there right now, actually). Future expansion should just be a matter of buying the appropriate hardware and drilling some holes. There's lots of cosmetic work to do on this yet.
Clinton Hill - kitchen 4
Clinton Hill - kitchen 4
From my front door. Yes, my apt is THAT small... Sorry for the messed up kikoi on the chaise and the dog toy... my dog was messing around earlier. And, uh, yes that IS a chest freezer to the left of the kitchen island... My dog is raw fed prey model style (dog owners, feel free to ask me what that means and why I feed that way!!!) and having extra freezer space allows me to buy in bulk and save $$$. Rawfeeding is the best decision I have made for my girl.

buy chest freezers