Haier Mini Fridge

haier mini fridge
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  • Haier (,) is primarily a producer of household appliances, including air conditioners, washing machines and refrigerators. Its headquarters are in Qingdao, Shandong, People's Republic of China. As of 2008, Haier is the fourth-largest white goods manufacturer in the world.
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Kitchen- Custom CPVC/PVC Plumbing
Kitchen- Custom CPVC/PVC Plumbing
When I got the Haier washer and dryer set I thought it would be the greatest thing since sliced bread. I was partly right, the bread just wasn't sliced. I found the 6 month old set off of Craigslist, and they both worked wonderfully. The catch: The washer has no wheels and is bulky and heavy and the dryer is meant to be a wall mount unit. I had this unused corner next to the fridge so I decided to make the washer a permanent install and it's turned out quite nice. This is a shot of the plumbing behind the washer.
Kitchen- The "Refigerator" Nook
Kitchen- The "Refigerator" Nook
This is where the old, dead side-by-side was when I moved in. The apartment is "unfurnished" but my guess was the previous tenants had no ambition of hauling that mammoth out of there. I think I've made pretty good use of the space. The dryer (Haier HLP140E) is wall-mounted and it works very well. It was a lot of trouble, Haier should really sell some sort of rack system like Whirlpool/Kenmore do for their portables.

haier mini fridge