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Commercial Cooler Refrigerator

commercial cooler refrigerator
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commercial cooler refrigerator - Beverage Air
Beverage Air - BM23C-B - Bar Mobile Club Top Beer Keg Cooler Refrigerator - Black Steel - Half Keg
Beverage Air - BM23C-B - Bar Mobile Club Top Beer Keg Cooler Refrigerator - Black Steel - Half Keg
Introducing the Beverage Air BM23C-B Bar Mobile Club Top Beer Keg Cooler Refrigerator - Black Steel - Half Keg , featured in our Bar_and_Beverage Equipment department. This product generally ships within 10 business day(s) from Aurora, Colorado, and weighs 171 pound(s). Easy frosty mug access with the Club Top. So if you need to keep your beer keg cool for as long as you have your keg, the Beverage Air Kegerator will change the way you drink at a keg party. This draft beer keg cooler employs a combination of a compact refrigerator, built-in draft beer tap tower, and stainless steel drain tray to maximize the taste quality of a keg of your favorite beer. The easy top access with the Club Top so you can store your ice cold frosty mugs. The MB23C Club Top Single Keg Beer Keg Refrigerator from Beverage Air is the cold draft beer dispenser answer to the warm beer blues.

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Worktop Refrigerator with Drawer
Worktop Refrigerator with Drawer
• Model : SWTR3D-1068 • Capacity : 300 ltr. • Temp. : 0 ~ -10° C • Size : 1500 x 760 x 800 mm • Remark : Static Cooling.
Worktop Display Refrigerator
Worktop Display Refrigerator
• Model : SWTDR-1109 • Capacity : 300 ltr. • Temp. : 0 ~ -10° C • Size : 1500 x 760 x 800 mm • Remark : Static Cooling.

commercial cooler refrigerator
commercial cooler refrigerator
Coleman 40-Quart Wheeled Cooler, Blue
The Coleman 40-Quart Wheeled Cooler features a comfortable tow handle and large, sturdy wheels, so one person can comfortably pull it even over uneven terrain. The 40-Quart Cooler holds 59 twelve-ounce cans. The hinged lid features 4 built-in beverage holders, and is designed to accommodate 24-Inch elastic cords (not included) for extra dry storage on top. The cooler has molded handles for comfortable lifting and carrying. A rustproof, leak-resistant drain provides easy no-tilt draining.

Enjoy properly chilled beverages and food on the go--at the job site, on vacation, on the road, or to game day--with the Coleman 40-Quart Wheeled Cooler with Cup Holder Lid. Fitted with large wheels and a tow handle for easy transport, the blue chest cooler can hold up to 67 beverage cans plus ice. Outfitted with a sump-lined drain, this cooler cleans up in a snap, no tilting required. The cup holder lid safely and securely holds four beverage. It can also be fitted with 20-inch cords for additional dry storage--lawn chairs, beach towels, picnic blankets--on top.
About Coleman
The Coleman Company has been creating and innovating products for recreational outdoor use since W.C. Coleman started selling gasoline-powered lanterns in 1900. Inventor of the hugely popular fold-up camp stove, Coleman developed a plastic liner for his galvanized steel coolers in 1957--the birth of the modern cooler--and the company has been improving their utility and design ever since. The array of products that bear the Coleman name now includes just about everything you might need to work or play outdoors, from tents and sleeping bags to boats, backpacks, and furniture.