Leather bicycle saddle bag : Myrtle beach bike rally 2011

Leather Bicycle Saddle Bag

leather bicycle saddle bag
    bicycle saddle
  • A bicycle saddle, often called a seat, is one of three contact points on an upright bicycle, the others being the pedals and the handlebars. The bicycle saddle has been known as such since the bicycle evolved from the draisine, a forerunner of the bicycle.
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leather bicycle saddle bag - Brooks Saddles
Brooks Saddles Glenbrook Holdall Bicycle Saddle Bag (Large, Black)
Brooks Saddles Glenbrook Holdall Bicycle Saddle Bag (Large, Black)
Brooks Saddles Millbrook Holdall Bag and Glenbrook are original Brooks Saddle Holdalls first produced in the 1950’s. Such designs were originally commissioned to cater for cyclists wishing to transport food, cameras, maps and handbooks and provided sturdy pockets for tools, repair outfits, oil cans and such like. These sympathetically reproduced, most stylish of designs, are suitable for both the tourers and the collectors, wishing to complement their vintage ride. The Glenbrook, which is larger, also features 2 side pockets. Made of faux black leather like the original models, the leather trimmings from Europe are vegetable tanned.

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Viva saddlebag loops
Viva saddlebag loops
The loops are much wider than cyclo ones so you can run some wide leather saddle bag straps like the replacement ones from Riv. They should not saw through the saddlebag straps like the cyclo ones...
Pete's Classic Honey Leather Handelbar/Saddle Roll
Pete's Classic Honey Leather Handelbar/Saddle Roll
Pete wanted a saddle roll he could mount to his handlebars so we added a few straps and lots of versatility! We used leather which had aged to a rich honey color to match his saddle to-boot.

leather bicycle saddle bag
leather bicycle saddle bag
Brooks Saddles Brick Lane Canvas Roll-Up Pannier with Leather Belts (Moss)
Brooks Saddles Brick Lane Roll-Up Pannier attach to most bike racks with a width between 10 and 15 cm. Our Roll-Up Panniers are inspired by the Cyclist’s Hold-alls, first featured in the 1890’s catalogue. As the originals, the new panniers can be rolled up or easily released when needed. This pair of commuter bags for traditional transport bicycles is entirely made of water resistant cotton with leather finishing. On the top of the bag attachment to the bicycle rack these panniers feature a crossed elastic to fasten additional objects to carry during urban transit. Last, but not least, the Roll Up Panniers are “self closing”, as they feature magnets on the flaps.