Kids Bicycle Baskets

kids bicycle baskets
    bicycle baskets
  • (Bicycle basket) A bicycle basket allows a bicycle rider to carry cargo or objects without using their hands. Baskets on children's bicycles and some utility bicycles are often mounted to the front handle bars and are made of wire mesh, wicker, or woven plastic.
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kids bicycle baskets - Wald 135
Wald 135 Front Grocery Bicycle Basket (14.5 x 9.5 x 9, Silver)
Wald 135 Front Grocery Bicycle Basket (14.5 x 9.5 x 9, Silver)
We know you love the 133, 3133, and 157 baskets. But what happens when you want to haul something that isn't overly large, but can really weigh you down? We thought you'd probably bust out a welding torch and tack a couple of legs on the 133 basket. So that's exactly what we did. The 135 is the exact same size as our popular 133 and 3133 baskets with shorter handlebar mounts and legs bolted to the bottom of the basket. Perfect for a couple of two liters, or a six-pack with some chips and salsa to go. Give us some Fat Tire Ale, Mission Restaurant Style Tortilla Triangles and Frog Ranch salsa any day!

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I want to ride my bicycle
I want to ride my bicycle
Queen reference, woot. Anyway, this picture right here was taken 2 years ago in one of our Visayas landtrips. Random kids were sharing a bike for 1, in some ro-ro (it's a big boat where you can board cars, buses and trucks) pier. Yes, we travelled the middle part of the Philippines in a car, hopping around the islands. It was crazy. We didn't take a bath for days, we ate stale cold food and we peed in holes in grounds and in forests! EEEW, i know! But it was quite the adventure. Anyway, today is awesome because today (well, rather, yesterday) is the day I learn to make GIFs!! Friends slept over and we just bored ourselves and ate unhealthy snacks. Yey for boredom and photoshop! Also, random fact. I've been trying for years, but I can't seem to learn how to a ride a bike. This makes me sad :(
From Randonneur to Citaden: Conversion of a touring bike to city kid and cargo hauler
From Randonneur to Citaden:  Conversion of a touring bike to city kid and cargo hauler
Originally a fully loaded touring bike, I found the bike slightly too small for me with a traditional drop bar setup. Given that it had such a plush ride, wide gearing, powerful brakes, quality frameset and high end comps, as well as the ability to carry a lot of weight, I asked whether it could make a more comfortable upright cargo bike for grocery runs and carrying my 45lb daughter around town. The result is a very stable, comfortable urban ride. The Topeak rear rack is specially designed for a quick release child seat, and will be used to transport my daughter to kindergarten daily. After one week of commuting to work with it, it has risen to the top of my comfortable upright bicycle list.

kids bicycle baskets
kids bicycle baskets
Kettler Rear Bicycle Basket
KETTLER Luggage Rack Rear Basket The KettlerĀ® bicycle rear shopping basket makes transporting belongings easy and features 2, quick, spring-loaded handles that provide easy on/off.

Pick up groceries, flowers, tote our purse or bag, or even put your (well-behaved) little dog in it--the rear bicycle basket from Kettler adds transport storage to your bike. It attaches quickly to luggage rack via two pull handles and also includes a carrying handle for easy portability.
Features & Specifications:
Rear bicycle basket
Quick attachment to luggage rack via 2 pull handles
Carrying handle
Dimensions: 16 by 12 by 8 inches
Weight: 2 pounds
Ship Weight: 4 pounds
Weight Limit: 27 pounds
Assembly Required: 27 pounds