Bush Office Furniture Collections

bush office furniture collections
    office furniture
  • Items normally associated with the occupancy or use in such areas as offices, conference and reception rooms, institutional waiting rooms, lobbies, and libraries.
  • furniture intended for use in an office
  • Furniture is the mass noun for the movable objects ('mobile' in Latin languages) intended to support various human activities such as seating and sleeping in beds, to hold objects at a convenient height for work using horizontal surfaces above the ground, or to store things.
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bush office furniture collections - Bush Furniture
Bush Furniture Stanford 48" W Wood Computer Desk in Antique Black
Bush Furniture Stanford 48" W Wood Computer Desk in Antique Black
Make a statement with the Bush Furniture Stanford 48" W Wood Computer Desk in Antique Black. This desk has a classic look with antique style hardware that gives your office an elegant vibe. Combine with other Standford collection pieces to create a classy office. Features: Stain and scratch resistant laminated surface Concealed CPU storage and wire managementPencil drawer with drop-down front also serves as a keyboard tray Enclosed Storage Drawer to store office supplies Knee well storage shelf for peripherals Credenza base Standard form Back is unfinished Hansen Cherry top finish Casual cottage style Finish is Antique Black 8211; a weathered and distinctive look in which other colors will be visible. 6-year manufacturer8217;s warranty Specifications: Overall dimensions: 30.75" H x 47.5" W x 20.75" D CPU compartment: 20.6" H x 10.8" W x 19.3" D Keyboard shelf compartment: 2.6" H x 30.3" W x 11" D Drawer dimensions: 3" H x 8.8 W x 13.3" D Fixed shelf compartment: 20.6" H x 32.2" W x 12.7" D Kneewell compartment: 20.7" H x 32.2" W x 19.4" D Weight: 95 lbs This product has been tip-tested and meets strict UL 1678 guidelines for load bearing. This ensures a safer and more durable product for your home or office. This product meets a variety of industry standards including ANSI,BIFMA accreditation for product safety. This accreditation also covers engineering aspects such as structural integrity and ensures that the product is durable enough to fit into a business or office setting. This product has also been tested for tipping and meets load requirements set out by UL 1678.

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Will Churchill go bust in the Oval Office? Sorry: will Churchill's bust go from the Oval Office?
Will Churchill go bust in the Oval Office? Sorry: will Churchill's bust go from the Oval Office?
Sir Winston Churchill bust by Sir Jacob Epstein on loan to the White House from the British Government since 2001 Sir Jacob was a Jewish American knighted in Britain: in 1946 Esptein was commissioned to make this bust of Sir Winston who sat for the artist six times. Churchill's mother herself was American. The genealogists were busy proving that Obama was a distant cousin of Sir Winston's and of... George W. Bush...One could claim, therefor, more than one good reason for the presence of this work of art in the Oval Office of the White House. ---------------------------------------------------- Read more on this subject: The task of redecorating the Oval Office includes remembering and re-imagining trans-Atlantic relations One of the first jobs of an American president is to redecorate the Oval Office. Each new president is expected to update the furniture, replace the carpet, repaint the walls and woodwork as well as add some new paintings. There are also the sculptures, usually three or four. So when he moves in today, President Barack Obama will have to decide what to do with a bronze bust of Winston Churchill. The bust is on loan from the British government and was installed by his predecessor, President George W Bush in 2001. Bush explains it in an official White House tour video [my transcript]: "my friend the prime minister of Great Britain heard me say that I greatly admired Winston Churchill and so he saw to it that the government loaned me this and I am most honored to have this Jacob Epstein bust of Winston Churchill. I like Churchill because he was a great war leader. He was resolute, he was tough, he knew what he believed, and he had a fabulous sense of humor. And in this job, believe me, you've gotta have a sense of humor. Otherwise it makes for the days awfully long and for the nights awfully short." (Predictably, the video inspired a spoof.) Officially, Her Majesty's government loaned the bust to Bush for the duration of his term. At the end of this month, the bust can therefore go back to the Government Art Collection on Cockspur Street. But there is little to prevent Obama from retaining the sculpture, just like there was little that prevented him from retaining Bush's Defense Secretary and several other "holdover" officials. Downing Street, always ready to cultivate Britain's "special relationship" with America, would probably happily extend the loan to another four to eight years. After all, no figure in the world better symbolizes the "special relationship" than Churchill. In his last Lord Mayor's Banquet Speech, Prime Minister Gordon Brown explained it yet again: "Winston Churchill described the joint inheritance of Britain and America as not just a shared history but a shared belief in the great principles of freedom, and the rights of man - of what Barack Obama described in his election night speech as the enduring power of our ideals: democracy, liberty, opportunity and unyielding hope." Will Obama keep his Churchill? Obama's speech writers would certainly appreciate it. In the United States, the signifier "Churchill" is as positively evaluated as "Obama" in the United Kingdom right now. As Christopher Hitchens observes, in America, Churchill "occupies an unrivaled place in the common stock of reference, ranging from the mock-heroic to the downright kitsch." The man voted the Greatest Briton in a 2002, argues Hitchens, "can be quoted even more safely than Lincoln in that he was never a member of any American faction." Good politics is not the only reason for Obama to retain the bust. Last year, the New England Historic Genealogical Society discovered that Obama is in fact related to Churchill. (The researchers also found that Obama is a ninth cousin of Brad Pitt and a distant relative to five former U.S. presidents, including George W Bush.) So why not keep a bust of a distant family member which happens to be a great war leader that most Americans love? As it is often the case, family history cuts both ways. In Kenya, the land of Obama's father, the signifier "Churchill" carries nothing but negative connotations. Several times in his long political career, Churchill was responsible for Britain's empire, which until 1963 included Kenya. It was his government which in 1952 declared the so-called Kenya Emergency - an attempt to quash a rebellion against colonial rule known as Mau Mau. For the next eight years, suspected rebels were routinely detained, tortured, hanged and shot. According to Caroline Elkins, the colonial soldiers killed between fifteen and twenty thousand Kenyans in combat, while up to one hundred thousand perished in the detention camps. One of those who endured torture in a British prison was Hussein Onyango Obama, US president's Kenyan grandfather. Traces of this story can be found in Obama's memoir Dreams from my Father as well as in a few interviews; much
Spot which Palin was carrying the 'Good Omen' baby?
Spot which Palin was carrying the 'Good Omen' baby?
IT CAN NOW BE REVEALED that the father of Bristol Palin's love-child, Tripp, is in fact God's own true Holy Monkey, Bubbles - Michael Jackson's chimpanzee friend - and that poor young Levi is just a ringer. Bubbles was sent down from Heaven to father an homonculus Saviour Child with the Righteous Hockey Mom Sarah herself, who would then thwart Satan's evil plans on Earth in these "End Times". But unfortunately for the Palins and their fundamentalist beliefs, cross-species human/animal marriage was made illegal in Alaska in 1978, after it was discovered that the true mother of future US President [and Anti-Christ] Damien Thorne, was not the wife of the US Ambassador to England, but an italian jackal! And that the father was old Beelzebub himself!!! So even when preparing for "good" bestiality, Sarah (the "whack job") and Todd wouldn't be able to reverse these crazy "human only" marriage laws until after she became US President, and they'd get to run The World together (the way they did Alaska) and use nuclear weapons to rid it of of all the Evil Demons of Satan camping out in every dark corner, everywhere. So... a few years ago, after being abandoned at a deserted Neverland, a sad, sick and confused Bubbles was bought by Madonna in a child/monkey adoption auction on Ebay for her kid collection, and taken to her huge stone castle in the remote & bleak Highlands of Scotland (geography note - opposite direction from Russia, Sarah). But her cockney gangster [ex] husband Guy Ritchie is a weird sicko, and friend of Dick Cheney, who behind Madonna's back used to beat poor Bubbles mercilessly and make him perform degrading and humiliating sex-acts. Instead of the ripe fresh bananas and loving caresses he was used to from Michael Jackson, Guy and Dick water-boarded him, and fed him only cold scraps of haggis with bits of putrid scottish pie-lard for garnish. After 2 years of agonising Guantanamo Bay-style incarceration, and confessing that he was a leading member of Al Qaeda, a sad and damaged Bubbles miraculously escaped from Madonna's scottish castle hiding inside some bagpipes, and fled north across the frozen Arctic wastes 'til he finally arrived at Sarah & Todd Palin's hunting igloo. Sarah asked him if he was a member of an endangered species, like Polar Bears and Arctic Foxes,,,but Bubbles was too clever to say "yes", as he guessed from looking at them that Sarah and Todd might make him run until exhausted, and then shoot him from a helicopter for a laugh. Then they'd probably fashion his lifeless monkey carcass into a footstool to go with Sarah's magnificent bear-sofa. But even Sarah didn't know that Bubbles was a heavenly angel (albeit in monkey form) sent by God himself to father The Saviour of The World in holy sexual union with her (no time for any of this Catholic "virgin birth" shit in Alaska!). And Todd didn't know either,,, or it might have been .375 calibre time for the lustful varmint! Over time Sarah got to know and treasure Bubbles, as they shared roughly the same IQ, knowledge of World Affairs, Political History, Geography and Economics. Though the Palin's Extreme Pentecostal Creationist belief system was a little too backward and primitive a concept for a [admittedly very clever] chimpanzee even, and Bubbles described believing in it as being "devoid of even the slightest glimmer of intellectual rigour". Bubbles felt an unnatural but understandable sexual attraction to the gorgeous third-place runner-up in the Miss Alaska Oil-Spill beauty pageant of 1984 though, and after many months of close communion, Sarah Palin herself came to feel of Bubbles as she would a fondly remembered childhood classmate, from the Wasilla retard's school & 7 colleges she attended on the way to her "journalism" degree, and so she gave him a $95,000 a year + expenses job running the Alaskan Department of Agriculture ("He must know all about animals!.. You betcha!"). But she couldn't feel sexually aroused by Bubbles yet, as he didn't smell of fish like her beloved childhood sweetheart Todd - and the odor of something wet & scaley was what had always got her womanly juices flowing from that first accidental time with that pike (huh?) as a barely menstruating teen cheerleader just learning the evil ways of the world, and how it was that cities and entire countries outside Wasilla were under the control of monstrous satanic demons, that had to be flushed-out by the Soldiers of Jesus, vanquished, and turned into attractive pieces of office furniture. Well eventually, inevitably, true love blossomed between human and animal the way it so often does in those long, dark, lonely Alaskan winter nights - just the way it says it did in The Bible, after Cain slew Abel and was ejected from The Garden of Eden,,, but it wasn't be

bush office furniture collections
bush office furniture collections
Bestar Hampton Wood Home Office Corner Computer Desk in Tuscany Brown
Update your business or home office with the durable and versatile Hampton Wood Office Corner Computer Desk by Bestar. Featuring an enclosed storage compartment and a raised monitor platform, this desk is convenient and practical. With plenty of storage space for all of your office needs tucked neatly in to a corner, the Hampton Corner Desk will be a staple in your workspace for years to come. Features: Tuscany Brown finish One door enclosed storage Center monitor shelf offering enough space for most desktop CPUs Work surface features deluxe 2.5 mm shock resistant PVC edge-banding Keyboard tray (measuring 14.5" D x 26.25" W) on ball-bearing slides Specifications: Dimensions: 35.3" H x 70.1" W x 70.1" D Weight: 175 lbs