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Brown Leather Watch Strap

brown leather watch strap
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Prometheus CR1 on Diaboliq strap #4
Prometheus CR1 on Diaboliq strap #4
Though the Prometheus CR1 bracelet is fine, I'm more of a leather strap person. I've always liked the vintage ammo leather look - watch straps made from the rough distressed leather from surplus ammunition bags - that is popular on Panerai watches, but they are mainly made in the big 24 and 26mm sizes. I saw this watch strap by Diaboliq for sale on homageforum in the right size for the CR1 and snapped it up.
Vintage Faux Chrono
Vintage Faux Chrono
This watch is probably not to everyone's taste but I think that it is quite an interesting watch. I would date it to probably the 30's. It has an extremely simple movement and would have been a cheap watch in it's day. It is pretty scruffy but I like the aged look and think it looks good on a brown leather bund strap.

brown leather watch strap
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