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Space Heater Electric

space heater electric
    space heater
  • A space heater is a self contained device for heating an enclosed area. . Space heating is generally employed to warm a small space, and is usually held in contrast with central heating, which warms many connected spaces at once.
  • heater consisting of a self-contained (usually portable) unit to warm a room
  • A self-contained appliance, usually electric, for heating an enclosed room
  • Space Heater is the fifth album by Reverend Horton Heat, released by Interscope Records in March 1998. It charted on the Billboard 200, reaching number 187. Pride of San Jacinto appears in the videogame Hot Wheels Turbo Racing.
  • An electric train or other vehicle
  • a car that is powered by electricity
  • using or providing or producing or transmitting or operated by electricity; "electric current"; "electric wiring"; "electrical appliances"; "an electrical storm"
  • (of a situation) exceptionally tense; "an atmosphere electric with suspicion"

133/365(2): brokedown furnace...
133/365(2): brokedown furnace...
"Why the hell is it so cold in here?" Woke up at 4am today freeeezing my ass off!!! Maggie investigated and found out our furnace died in the middle of the night. *and the overnight temps this week have been in single digits! Called the landlord (yes, AT 430am!!) and had him come over to fix it, which he couldn't. Furnace fixers called and they said it was dead. We'd have to wait until Monday to get a new one. GRRRR! Spent all weekend w/3 space heaters, still freezing, and running up our electric bill a gazillion dollars bc of it. GRRRR! Can't wait to own our own home! I'm so tired of this house, which Maggie calls "The Dementor House", haha, bc it seems to suck all the happiness out of you, haha! ~S *wickedly behind in posting, I know! :-)
Electric Space Heater - FOR SALE
Electric Space Heater - FOR SALE
This is a small personal electric space heater which works great. I'm asking $10 for this however I'll sell it to the person who makes the better cash or trade offer. Please check out the other photos of this item. I am moving out of my house soon and need to sell EVERYTHING. I live in Buffalo (Amherst) 5 minutes from UB North. This item is available for you to pick up immediately. If you want to buy this, write your cash or trade offer in a comment below.

space heater electric
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