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Mr Heater Portable Buddy Propane Heater

mr heater portable buddy propane heater
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Rosie and Buddy
Rosie and Buddy
Buddy was a rescue dog. We got him from the Hahndorf shelter. They don't euthanase the dogs, they keep them until they find a home. At least that was the case years ago when we got Buddy. Buddy was brought in as a stray and apparently he was a little worse for wear when they got him, quite in need of a feed. Apparently he'd been taken home once from the shelter, but the couple brought him back. The shelter said he wasn't too interested in people or other dogs, and he'd never be a lap dog. Well, that was so untrue. By the end of the night he was all over us like a rash. I think he just wanted to be loved and needed the right environment to come out of his shell. He was quite the sooky boy. Another sweetie, who just loved attention and wanted to be patted all the time.
Buddy, the three-legged Chow. A few years ago somebody shot him in the leg and it had to be amputated. He still plays like the big dogs though.

mr heater portable buddy propane heater
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