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Catalytic Heater Camping

catalytic heater camping
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Annex expanded, 8-27-06
Annex expanded, 8-27-06
This is what the "Cabin Annex" became later. During a trip to Chisos Basin in May of 2006, a neighboring camper admired the trailer. I told him it was "one of a kind". By then I had added the battery box onto the rear, and we were "self sufficient" for four days without additional electricity. The neighbor thought it was a great idea to have a trailer with compartments for our camping gear. Well, I thought so too, but hadn't thought of the compartments, yet. I was simply dumping everything into the trailer box, and it got all "smushed" together. His comment led to my installing a partition which greatly facilitates storing a tent, an EZ-up canopy, chuck boxes which serve as kitchen cabinets, a 3 gallon insulated water jug, canvas chairs, and my two-piece cabinet unit which contains the kitchen sink, along with catalytic heater and various accessories for a luxurious camp. But then, we went up to Lake Whitney on the Fourth of July weekend of 2006, and realized that we'd live better in the tent if we had cots. In order to accommodate these, and a new propane camp stove, I raised the sides another 5 1/2". With the taller sides, it can accommodate additional compartments or trays, which make it much easier to access individual camp components. I think we're just about ready to travel now. Will we be able to afford to gas up the pickup?
A closer view of the setup during the May 2008 camping trip to Grindstone. Because the weather was so icky, I not only used my screenhouse as a covered porch for the tent, I also enclosed it with tarps to block the cool wind. Daddy loaned me a catalytic heater which made sitting in the enclosed "porch" quite comfy.

catalytic heater camping
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