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Holiday Cookie Recipes Pictures

holiday cookie recipes pictures
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cookie exchange
cookie exchange
For the past six or seven years my friend and mentor Alice has been having a cookie exchange in her beautiful cozy Victorian home in Newton. It's a tradition that started the year her husband Tom died as a way of filling her home with celebration in what was a decidedly sad holiday season, but it's turned into a lovely tradition. Every year there are different faces, and many familiar ones. Last night a child I once baked cookies with at Alice's kitchen counter when she six was there with her sweetheart on holiday from England where they are both in grad school, and we celebrated the fact that he'd just finished his PHD thesis. Alice makes some healthy soups and salads and a pot of spiced cider, and everyone brings whatever number of dozen cookies they feel like baking... plus one for the cookie tray. You go home with whatever number of dozen you brought. The house is warm and festive with candles everywhere. I tried to get a good picture of the impressive table laden with about 120 dozen cookies of every sort-springerle, treasure balls, molasses spice, shortbread, chocolate hazelnut from someone's 1930 recipe, almond crescents, cocoanut crunch, pinwheel, sugar, spritzbachen, etc. etc.- but the candlelit room was too dim for my little camera. It was just a coincidence that the pizzelle I made were sitting in the best light. Highest I know of on Explore!... #353 on 12.19.07
Oct 9/10 - Fall Cookies
Oct 9/10 - Fall Cookies
[70/365] 'Tis the Season of Thanksgiving! It's one of my favourite holidays and this year I got to partake in two delicious turkey dinners. Day 1 - Natalie's for some turkey and sweet potato & squash mash! I made spiced sugar cookies to take. I just added cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger to the sugar cookie recipe, which turned out okay except that the spice wasn't quite as strong as I would have liked. I really liked the cookie cutters, but I almost included a picture of the spices mixed into the flour - awesome brown shading. Perhaps I'll conceptualize something that will be cool in the future.....

holiday cookie recipes pictures
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