The French Press technique of coffee making was first introduced in France during the 1800s. Ever since them the French have never looked forward to a cup of coffee that has not been made in a French Press Coffee Maker. This process of coffee making subsequently became so popular that it came to be used in homes, restaurants and cafes. The small size and mobility of the coffee maker, made it the first choice for vacationers and bag packers alike.

About the French Press Techniques:

The French Press technique though sounds quite technologically challenging, is in actuality quite simple. The motto here is to keep affair of making a cup of coffee simple, with brilliant results. Though the technique was primarily introduced in France during the 1800's, the technique was polished and progressed by two talented Italians in the 1900's. Ever since, the French Press technique has invaded the western world, reaching beyond Europe.

The French press coffee maker is predominantly a beaker made out of stainless steel, glass, or plastic that comes with a lid. This lid has attached to it a plunging mechanism that comes with a mesh filter at its end. The mesh filter is used to nestle the course ground coffee and with the help of plunger below the lid, the coffee is immersed in the heating liquid in the beaker. The repeated execution of this technique produces perfectly brewed coffee that can thereafter be poured into a cup and enjoyed.

What makes the best French Press Coffee Maker?

There are a number of French press coffee makers in the market, but there are only a few that can be regarded to as the best products. There are a number of factors that set the best apart from the rest. Learning these factors will allow you to get your hands on one of the best French Press coffee makers in the market. Some of the requirements of the best French press coffee maker, include-

·         Double wall-

Most coffee makers these days that abide by the French Press techniques have beakers made out of single walls. A double walled beaker can prove to be of a greater preference, when it comes to locking the flavours of the coffee inside and keeping it hot for longer. When cup of coffee is left sitting in a container for a long time, it will become cold, watery and flavourless, with the Double wall, nothing of this sort happens.

·         Stainless steel-

As mentioned above, French Press Coffee Makers can be found to be made of different materials like Glass, Plastic and Stainless Steel. Over time Stainless steel has grown to be a more popular option for cafes, individuals as well as for travelling purposes. These are durable, keep the contents hot for longer and also trap in the flavours. They are resistant to scratches and hence look great for a long amount of time.

·         Dishwasher safe-

Over time, these fantastic and rustic coffee makers have come to become more compatible with the technologically advanced world. The best French Press coffee makers these days are compatible with the dishwashers, making it easy for you to clean them.

·         Double mesh filter-

The coffee makers with a double mesh filter bring out better tasting coffee and also stop any kind of dust and granules from escaping the filter.

Sterling pro French press coffee maker:

One of the best examples of the best French Press Coffee Maker in the market presently that incorporates every factor mentioned above is the Sterling Pro French press Coffee maker. The coffee maker has been designed and built to make life easier for the caffeine addicts and their coffee sipping experiences, more pleasurable. The coffee maker is designed to control the temperature of the coffee and also brew it to perfection. The mesh is of the perfect size, holding just the right amount of coffee granules for the beaker of liquid. Its small size and durable nature make it your best companions on trekking trips and vacations.