Looking For The Best Place To Sell Scrap Gold in 2013? There are many places all over America where you can Scrap Your Gold in 2013. There are also a million or so Internet and Postal Gold Buyers in 2013, which i personally wouldn't go near, as i would always prefer to Sell my Scrap Gold face to face. Selling your gold in 2013? I strongly advise that you visit an American scrap Gold Buyer rather than posting your gold.

Best Place to Sell Gold 2013

There are literally hundreds of shops, jewellers etc that offer the best price for scrap gold in 2013 across the USA. Many of them actually offer far less than the actual value than you would imagine. Here are a few tips that should help you get the best price for scrap gold in 2013.
1. As already mentioned above, be sure to sell your gold face to face for safety and to eliminate any risk of posting your gold.

2. Make sure you get at least 5 quotes from different gold buyers and jewellers in person and if you come across a local company online be sure to call them to confirm the prices advertised on their website. Many internet companies show the actual value of gold on their website and they only pay a fraction of the shown gold price on their website. Do not be fooled by one of these companies, if you follow my first tip you will not fall victim of one of these companies as you can simply refuse an offer and go elsewhere when selling your gold in person.

3. Make sure your gold is separated by karat prior to requesting a quote from any gold buyer or jeweller. Pop each carat you have into separate bags and label them by carat eg 10k, 14k, 18k and 22k are the most common karats of gold you will come across in 2013.

4. It is always best to weigh your scrap gold before trying to sell it, you can pick up a cheap set of digital scales online, although they are not trade scales they will do the job. Weigh each carat and take a note of the weight and put it in with each bag of gold you have. This makes the jeweller or gold buyer aware you know what gold you have and that you know what you are doing. Many gold buyers will take advantage of "clueless customer" It is a good idea to tell the gold buyer to keep your gold karats separate when they take a look at it and make sure the weight they are using when calculating the quote is the same as the weight you recorded.

5. It is best to remove small stones and other impurities to ensure you get the best price for scrap gold in 2013. The reason for this is many scrap gold buyers estimate the weight of stones in scrap gold. They always over estimate the weight to deduct for stones etc, this could lose you $100 for merely a few grams of high karat scrap gold. One gold buyer i worked for told me to guess the weight of stones and other impurities in my head and double it, i replied should i not just remove them with a pair of pliers. He didn't want to know as the company made a lot of money due to this over estimating. So take my word when i say that you are best to remove them so you can sell your gold for the best price in 2013. Also be sure the stones are not diamonds a reputable jeweller will tell you for free if your stones are diamond or not.