Best Indoor Ping Pong Balls Tournaments

When talking of the best ping pong balls, We should consider the level of playing you are into, if you are an expert player who joins tournaments in your city, are you a national player or an international player like Jan-Ove Waldner, Ma long or Zhang Jike. These top rated ping pong balls below meets highest approval rating the International Table Tennis Federation and are used as official ball of ITTF World Junior USATT tournaments, national games, world cup and Olympic Championships.
Best Ping Pong Player Jan-Ove Waldner

Though we may never know you and your level of playing, we understand that you might be a beginner since you are looking and still wondering what is the best ping pong balls in the market and what other ping pong players are saying about the top brands of table tennis balls.

For Table tennis tournaments, i guess it is best to use the known ping pong tables that have 3 star on them and are either USATT and ITTF approved ping pong balls.

 3 star Butterfly 40mm I.T.T.F. Approved ping pong ball color white
Best ping pong table ITTF Approved
 3 star Nittaku Premium 40mm I.T.T.F. Approved ping pong ball color white
Nittaku ping pong balls

Between Butterfly ball and Nittaku, we prefer to use Nittaku since it is more durable and hard to break even when used outdoor with possibility of hitting concrete and stone. Both Butterfly and Nittaku have a great feel into it, its heavy even with strong winds and you can really put great spins into it, smash it hard and can accurately predict where the ball will be hitting on the ball. Butterfly is good but we noticed it breaks easily outdoor, but the ball bounce, spin and hardness are almost the same. For sure when used indoors, these two balls are perfect. Made in Japan table tennis balls quality are much better than made in China.

Best Indoor Ping Pong Balls for Hobby Players

If you are a hobby player you may like to use Stiga table tennis ball, we like the spin and bounce of this ball. Bounce is great and can last longer too even when used in heavy game play with smashing and heavy top spins.
stiga ping pong ball

Best Ping Pong Balls for Outdoor Table Tennis Tables

We love playing outdoor, its more fun, people can see us, we can display out ping pong skills (show off hehe) but the problem with outdoor game is that the environment comes with different materials not good for ball impact, we noticed that DHS  3-Star 40mm Table Tennis Balls at $8 on a 6 pack balls. Although its ITTF approved and people use this ball on local tournaments, we used it for outdoor game since its cheaper yet durable, and wont break easily upon hitting on stone even if you smash the ball super fast. You can use this ball on a marine plywood table. This is perfect for outdoor table tennis table like kettler.
dhs table tennis ball

Best Ping Pong Balls for Training Practice

If your kids love to practice playing table tennis or if you are a player that is going to join a tournament and is looking for a cheaper yet durable ping pong balls then here is the best deal for you, a 12 pack Joola balls for an affordable price. We have not used this ball on an outdoor ping pong table, but we are planning to buy a lot of this soon since its 12 pack with a much lower price at $5.
JOOLA 1-Star 40mm Training Table Tennis Balls - 12 Pack
4.4 star rating
60 customer reviews
Price: $5.99 
ping pong balls for training

Ping Pong Balls Comparison

We hope this data will help you decide which of the best ping pong table to buy for you and friends. 

 Brand    Star rating Customer Reviews ApprovedItem Pack Price
 Butterfly 3-Star 40mm 4.6 47 ITTF
 6 $13.49
 Nittaku Premium 3-Star 4.8 16 USATT
Canada TT
 12 $25.95
 Stiga 3-Star 4.6 81 ITTF  $8.04
 JOOLA Rossi 3-Star 4.6 31  6 $6.95
 DHS  3-Star 4.5 11 ITTF 6 $8.95 
 JOOLA 1-Star 4.4 60  12 $5.99

You can buy this ping pong balls at Amazon, remember never buy bulk cheap ping pong balls. It would be useless and waster of money, always buy the best ping pong balls with great customers review in Amazon.