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Photo Viewer Software Free Download

photo viewer software free download
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Sanyo Easy Street NVM-4070 Bluetooth 4.3-Inch Portable GPS Navigator
Sanyo Easy Street NVM-4070 Bluetooth 4.3-Inch Portable GPS Navigator
The SANYO NVM-4070 Easy Street Portable Navigation System makes using navigation simple. It includes a large 4-inch touch-screen LCD display, intuitive user menu design and pre-loaded maps of the US (including Alaska, Hawaii, & Puerto Rico) and Canada. SANYO NVM-4050 features turn-by-turn, text-to-speech navigation; announces approaching street names and the number of feet or yards until your turn like having your own personal guide riding with you in the car. It incorporates Bluetooth technology, allowing convenient, wireless connectivity and hands-free use with Bluetooth enabled cell phones even while navigating. You can wirelessly transfer data such as phonebook contacts and MP3 music files between your Bluetooth enabled device and the Easy Street? navigation system, as well as send/receive SMS text messages. NVM-4050 also allows you to navigate and play MP3, WMA (non-protected) and WAV music files stored on SD flash cards or from its internal memory. Unit color black matte finish.

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What the Sensor Saw
What the Sensor Saw
To set the stage - I've been toying around with Linux lately. It's captured the hearts and minds of viewers like me. I never could have imagined that such a wonderful collection of software would be available to general public, supported by the general public, and completely and totally free of charge for anyone to download and use. It's an eye opening way to look at operating systems, software and development. Wonderful, wonderful stuff. So this is the first photo that I've run through Ubuntu Studio (64 bit version). Like the Ubuntu home page says, what's great about this OS is that, "it just works". It knew I plugged in a D300, it knew what .NEFs were and what to do with them, it knew how I set the camera, and I think my favorite part: It knew what the sensor saw. No more is it a mystery what curves have been applied to the RGB sensor data, as GIMP's raw importer tells you, and lets you decide what to do with it all. So this, is what my camera saw this morning (with some contrast curves thrown in on my part, and sharpening courtesy of GIMP). Wonderful, I love it! Free. All free. So fabulous.
Tintype - Woman with Cabinet Stereo Viewer
Tintype - Woman with Cabinet Stereo Viewer
This tintype speaks to two areas of our interest; 19th century portrait photography and stereo viewers. A woman in a hoop skirt sits next to a table that holds a table model stereo viewing cabinet that is like an actual viewer in our collection. Called a Becker viewer, the interior holds a number of stereo cards on a belt. When a knob on the side is turned the cards come into view one at a time.

photo viewer software free download