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Manual Bilge Pumps

manual bilge pumps
    bilge pumps
  • (bilge pump) a pump to remove bilgewater
  • (Bilge pump) A mechanism for emptying the bilge of water. Since all wooden ships would leak to some degree, pumps were always in demand. Spray and waves would only add to how much water a ship took on.
  • (Bilge pump) electric pump that pumps out water from a boat. Usually connected to a float switch that makes it turn on automatically if too much water enters a boat compartment.
manual bilge pumps - Sea Eagle
Sea Eagle High-Volume Manual Bilge Pump
Sea Eagle High-Volume Manual Bilge Pump
This high volume manual bilge pump offers a simple and fast way to pump water out of your boat. Made from durable and corrosion proof plastic.

Keep your inflatable or traditional boat water-free as you row or sail with this high-volume bilge pump. Offering a simple, fast means of pumping rainwater or overflow water from your boat's bottom, the bilge pump is made of corrosion-proof plastic, with a convenient hose helping you push water over the side. The handle, meanwhile, fits the hand comfortably.

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As the sign reads: 1961-'67 Amphicar They are Coming by SEA! The Amphicar was the first truly successful amphibious vehicle marketed to the public. Its frugal four-cylinder engine moves the 2,300-pound vehicle to 75 miles per hour on land and eight knots in the water through a four-speed manual transmission and twin propellers. Styling in in step with other European and American manufacturers of the '60s. The Amphicar's front is uncluttered, which presents a smooth, boat-like surface to the water. The rear houses regulation taillamps, turn signals, a single exhaust pipe and a tiny outlet for the bilge pump. Navigation lights and other Coast Guard requirements were standard equipment on the $3,400 Amphicar. Because the Amphicar was to be sold primarily in the United States, the car wore American-style tailfins (though a couple of years after that fad peaked with the '59 Cadillac) that served to block waves from reaching the engine compartment through air vents. The Amphicar ceased production in 1968, closing one of the most unusual chapters in automobile history. Engine - 43-horsepower Triumph Herald four-cylinder, rear-mounted Colors - Fjord Green, Beach Sand White, Classic Regatta Red and Lagoon Blue.
Inside looking aft
Inside looking aft
The bilge pump outlet is in the deck - (T connection from 1 electric and 1 manual). Just forward of that is what looks like an original separate deck opening. Probably the skipper sat here and steered. Possibly running backstay fittings below on the ribs, each side of the mounting for the battery box.

manual bilge pumps
manual bilge pumps
Rule 25S Marine Rule 500 Automatic Marine Bilge Pump (500-GPH, 12-Volt)
Rule 500 GPH Bilge Automatic Pump. No guessing involved here! This Automatic Pump starts working when the water level pushes the float up. 3/4" discharge unit. 12V. Amp draw: 1.9 amp; Fuse size: 2.5 amp; 4 x 2 3/8"; Order Now! Rule Bilge Pump 500 GPH 12V Auto

Built for efficient and reliable operation, the Rule 25S Marine Rule 500 Bilge Pump starts working automatically as soon as the water level pushes the float up. Ideal for smaller craft, the compact 12-volt pump has an amp draw of 1.9 and a 2.5-amp fuse. The pump measures just 4 by 2 3/8 inches and is equipped with a 3/4-inch discharge unit to effectively remove water.
Voltage: 12 Volt DC
Amp Draw: 1.9 amp
Fuse Size: 2.5 amp
Discharge Unit: 3/4 inch
Dimensions: 4 by 2 3/8 inches
Weight: 11 ounces