Pest Control: Eradication of Insects and Rodents in Tampa

Most of the animals that take residence around human settlements are small in size, especially since wild animals typically try to stay out of sight. As such, insects and rodents make up the majority of this group. Animal control and pest control in Tampa is a big industry because the existence of unwanted animals in a home, especially rodents, usually introduces other pests such as mites, fleas, ticks, and lice. In addition, insects and rodents are known vectors of bacteria, which can cause several potentially fatal diseases. It’s important that the company you hire is a member of the National Wildlife Control Operator’s Association.

Apart from posing health hazards, the presence of wildlife almost always leads to unimaginable levels of damage to properties. You need to take immediate action when faced with a pest infestation since waiting for such a problem to go away or trying to eliminate it yourself might not only make the problem worse, but also put you in harm’s way.

As a result of unwanted and ever increasing animal intrusion into your living environment, attributed to several factors including the continual growth of suburban areas, you may have already tried a number of pests control or animal removal techniques in vain. So you might be wondering why the wildlife control methods you have employed thus far are not working.

Animals are naturally adaptive, which means that even insects and rodents have the ability to recognize sudden changes in their environment. Pest control entails professionalism, experience, and skill. Regardless of whether the infestation is residential or commercial, knowledge of the habits, behaviors, adaptations, and ideal living conditions of the problematic wildlife is necessary to handle the situation effectively. Homeowners and business owners typically look for the best pest control company in Tampa, Florida and call Phoenix Pest Management & Wildlife Control for help. 

Rodent Control in Tampa

You might get desperate in your efforts to get rid of rats, mice, squirrels, or even raccoons in the attic. Regardless of the type of nuisance wildlife you need removed, engaging the wildlife removal services provided by an experienced and dedicated exterminator offers you the best chance of success. Be sure the company you hire has training and experience in all types of animal removal.

Common signs of rodent infestation 

It is important to check in areas such as the kitchen, bathroom, storage facilities, and even outdoors under leaves and rocks since insects and rodents are very good at hiding. When it comes to rodents, knowing the common signs of an infestation is important since it enables you to take the necessary and most effective measures at the most appropriate time. Taking prompt and proper action determines the potential level of damage, as well as the likelihood of a complete eradication. Below are some of the most commons signs indicating a rodent infestation.

 • The presence of small tiny droppings or pellets in hidden dark areas, especially where food is available.

 • Strong, musky odors emitting from particular areas in your home.

 • Visible holes in food packages such as boxes since the gnawing and nibbling of rodents usually cause such holes.

 • The presence of gnaw marks in baseboards, window frames, and electrical wires among others.

 • Mole holes across your lawn, characterized by raised ridges accompanied by piles of dirt similar in appearance to a mini volcano.

Raccoon removal Tampa

While there are some significant differences between the various types of rodents such as rats, mice, raccoons, and squirrels, proper rodent control generally follows the same basic formula. Contrary to common belief, application of techniques might be the only difference. Squirrel removal and raccoon removal typically involves trapping the animals and relocating them if at all possible. Rat control, on the other hand, requires other methods. Proper rat and rodent removal usually involves:

 • A complete elimination of the current rodent population.

 • Identification and removal of every contributing factor involved in the infestation. 

 • Identification of the rodents’ entry points as well as the repair of any deficiencies to minimize the possibility of future issues.

 • An assessment of the external pressures to the property aimed at determining whether or not a proactive rodent program is necessary.

Although the formula rarely changes, the application of principles is usually different from one client to the other. The uniqueness of your situation and how the problematic rodents have adapted to your environment determines the application of protocols, which includes considering potentially sensitive situations such as the presence of children or pets. 

While some companies prefer the use of chemicals to solve rodent infestation problems, others lean towards the use of traps. However, Phoenix Pest Management & Wildlife Control favors individually evaluating every situation before they decide the most suitable technique to use. As such, they regularly integrate multiple approaches to ensure that they successfully combat your issue. Developing and implementing a strategy based on the uniqueness of a situation is important, and this applies to every other aspect of pest control.

The cost of Tampa pest control services such as raccoon removal and rat control, varies significantly and is usually based on your extermination needs. It is impossible to quote a price for an apartment that has a couple of rats in the same way as estimating the potential expenses for services on a three bedroomed house with rats or squirrels in the attic. Evaluation is mandatory before a viable quote can be given.

Rodent prevention tips: 

 • Keep your attics and crawlspaces clean, dry, and well ventilated. 

 • Consistently inspect your roof for water damage.

 • Keep every opening near the exhaust fan and vents in your house covered.

 • Make sure your garbage is always secure and protected from animals.

 • Prune the branches of every tree around your house.

 • Store food in airtight containers.

 • Avoid the unwanted collection of debris.

 • Weather-strip your basement, foundation, and all windows. 

Animal Removal Tampa 

Many insects such as bed bugs, cockroaches, fleas, mosquitoes, ants, silverfish, spiders, and bees are known to either transmit or directly cause a variety of health issues including skin infections, allergic reactions, and even potentially fatal diseases such as malaria. 

Without professional assistance, if you want to get rid of roaches or other insects from your home, it can prove quite challenging.  They reproduce quickly and unfortunately, most over-the-counter products available today can only kill exposed insects because as you may well know, many of the most problematic pests such as roaches prefer the safety that cracks and crevices provide. 

Because roaches and other pests hide, exposing them to over-the-counter treatments rarely happens immediately and it significantly minimizes the chances of eradication. Roach control can be very difficult to achieve and usually requires the pest control services of a good Tampa exterminator.

Common signs of insect and pest infestation

 • Evidence of nesting such as spider webs, bee hives, or cocoons spun by other types of insects.

 • Dead bugs of the same species inside your house, especially around window ledges and basements.

 • Signs of termite damage such as sagging floors, visible holes, wood that emits hollow sounds when tapped, shed termite wings, or tan fecal pellets that resemble sawdust.

 • Pilling garbage, stagnant water, or dirty alleys near your home since these are the most common breeding grounds for insects.

 • Insect trails or damaged plants characterized by gnawing marks on the edges of grass blades and garden plant leaves, especially perennials. 

 • Damaged patches or patterns in your lawn, characterized by large brown areas or uneven grass length.

 • The presence of ant hills, marked by piles of coarse-grained dirt featuring a small hole on top and a few ants traveling in and out. 

Pest control Exterminator Tampa

When it comes to insect eradication, which includes bee removal, roach control and even bed bug removal, different measures can be taken. To completely eliminate the problematic insects, treatment options consist of non-repellent residual insecticides, precision-applied insect baits, as well as trap monitoring to determine the effectiveness of the entire treatment process. 

The climate in Tampa FL is an ideal one for pests, making it a year-round battle to keep them out of the home. Once they have been killed or removed, ongoing pest control is necessary to keep them from coming back. How frequently the follow-up services will be needed can be determined by your service technician as it will depend on the infestation's extent. 

This approach, combined with your cooperation in keeping the home clean and making sure that water and food are not left out, provides prompt and satisfactory results. Your cooperation is paramount when it comes to the eradication of insects since it is the follow-up services and a few alterations to your daily activities that ensure the infestation does not occur again in future.

Pest control tips: 

 • Be sure to thoroughly clean food storage and preparation areas on a regular basis. Remember always to keep these areas dry.

 • Thoroughly clean your bathrooms and ensure they stay dry.

 • Seal every crack and crevice in walls, along baseboards, and around any equipment mounted on the walls as well as kitchen and bath cabinets, fixtures, or shelving.

 • Reduce clutter, which includes old paper products and corrugated boxes, especially those stored in your kitchen and bathroom.

 • Always rinse out empty beverage containers and store them away from your kitchen.

 • Consistently inspect incoming foods, food preparation, and paper products before you bring them into your kitchen for storage.

 • Engage professional help and consider a regular preventive program.

Pest infestation is a rapidly growing public threat since they can cause a number of health hazards, including skin rashes, allergic reactions, and even psychological effects. Because many types of insects live in nests, killing the few that happen to wander into your trap is not an ideal means of control. 

Experienced Tampa exterminators will be able to handle every type of insect infestation, offering several practical solutions such as tent fumigation services. Every treatment technique used by Phoenix Pest Management & Wildlife Control is thorough and quite safe. Only the safest chemicals that are proven to get the job done are used, and they take into consideration any specific needs of the household.

Pest Control Tampa

The best pest control service in Tampa

It is of utmost importance to Phoenix Pest Management & Wildlife Control to ensure that they constantly provide safe and efficient pest control services to the Tampa Bay area. As such, they take necessary measures to keep you and your entire household protected from whatever pest elimination method they decide to use in your home. Through their many years of service they have learned that for many homeowners, it usually is a little bit concerning when technicians start spraying in and around the home.

They will begin by conducting a thorough inspection of your home’s exterior and interior to identify the breeding grounds and entry points of pests or other animals. By concentrating their efforts on entry points and breeding grounds, they ensure eradication, which means total elimination. Apart from reducing the chances of reproduction in the near future, it also minimizes the possibility of survival.

For safe and effective pest control, Phoenix Pest Management & Wildlife Control offers a yearly treatment plan that ensures your home remains protected all year long from the various possible infestations that accompany every new season. This treatment plan is much more than a preventative measure. It is a guarantee that you and your family will have a pest-free environment all year long. 

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Phoenix Pest Management & Wildlife Control has one of the best guarantees in the industry. Their services also include tackling specific pest issues on a one-time basis, in which they apply their tried and trusted techniques to ensure they eliminate your pest problem. Regardless of the treatment plan you choose, they will ensure you are completely satisfied by their services, backed by their guarantee.

If you have an infestation, leaving the control of pests to professionals is always best, especially if you consider the potential dangers of trying a do-it-yourself approach and the possibility of failure. Call Phoenix today to schedule a service inspection or for an expert phone consultation.

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