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Siri Tollerod The Fashion Spot

siri tollerod the fashion spot
    siri tollerod
  • Siri Tollerod, also spelled Tollerod, (born August 18, 1988) is a Norwegian model.
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siri tollerod the fashion spot - Siri Tollerød
Siri Tollerød
Siri Tollerød
High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Siri Tollerod, also spelled Tollerod, (born August 18, 1988) is a Norwegian model. Tollerod started school at 7 and was always into some sort of after school activities like horses, skiing (cross country), European handball, aerobics, singing. She has one younger sister named Susanne. She was discovered in Sorlandssenteret shopping mall in her hometown of Kristiansand, Norway and went to Milan, Italy in September 2006 to dabble in modeling for a summer. She soon returned home to earn her high school diploma and, immediately upon graduating, signed with Trump. She moved to New York City in April 2007 to pursue full-time modeling. Tollerod has shot with photographers including Steven Meisel, Mert Alas & Marcus Piggot, Peter Lindbergh, Craig McDean, Karl Lagerfeld, Steven Klein, and Ellen von Unwerth, and her covers include Norwegian Elle, 10, Lula, and French Revue de Modes, with editorials in Dazed & Confused, Numero, V, Harpers Bazaar, W, Allure, Norwegian and Swedish Elle, and Italian, British, French, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, and American Vogue.

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Siri Tollerod
Siri Tollerod
Siri Tollerod editorial for Vogue Italia magazine.

siri tollerod the fashion spot
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