Learn To Make Wedding Invitation Boxes

How To Make Wedding Invitation Boxes

Invitation boxes are one of the popular packaging boxes that are being utilized for sending wedding invitations alongside biscuits, chocolates, and treats.

Outlining an eye getting custom Invitation box requires proficient skill. The inventive plans of these cases engrave an impact on the brains of the beneficiaries.

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By the wedding theme, you can personalize these packages to any shape, size, and shading. Persuasive invitation boxes are becoming a more extensive reception as a contrasting option to envelopes. Wedding cards wrapped up in beautifully-designed invitation boxes influence your people to feel extraordinary.

For sending birthday, wedding and anniversary invitation cards; astounding boxes are an implausible thought. Your people and companions feel extremely unique when they get an invite wrapped in the radiant box with chocolates.

You can see twofold their fervor by setting every visitor's most loved things in the invitation boxes. Also, you can make these boxes glossy and classy by having a relevant shading plan like white or champagne.

Make Wedding Invitation Boxes?

In the last couple of years, the trend of the wedding invitation boxes has increased a lot. Many individuals love to send their wedding invites in these boxes to invite people uniquely. If you have enough time, then it is better to make the wedding invitation boxes on your own. Whether you are a DIY expert or just a novice, you can follow the simple techniques and steps mentioned below.

Things You Need

First of all, you have to gather the following things:

• Hot Glue gun
• Black Felt
• Scissors
• Glue sticks
• Straight Edge cutting board
• A4 Box
• Velvet paper of your choice


  1. When you gather all materials, then you need to measure out the material for the outer side of the box.
  2. You have to lay down the lid or the base piece over the cloth.
  3. You will need 2 inches of the extra material. Therefore, when you fold over the cloth on the inner side, then it covers the inner wall down to the bottom of the box.
  4. It is the time to go to the center of the lid and base of the material. You need to use the hot glue gun as well as add the glue to one side of the box. Also, you have to fold over the material so that it could meet the base of the box.
  5. You have to test it first before you start adding up the glue.
    Firstly, you need to begin by folding up the edges. In this way, it would be neat and clean.
  6. However, if you will fold it a lot of times, then the inside will become too thick to be closed. Thus, the efficient method is to measure the right amount of material so that it does not become puffy.
  7. Now you have to go for the inner lining. You have to take the velvet paper or material and then start measuring how far should be the box wall you have to make. If you are confused about deciding the wall distance of the box then not to worry! You have to put the wedding card onto the paper and then measure 2 inches extra from each side.
  8. Start cutting the paper onto the measured lines with a sharp cutter or a knife. You have to use glue to the paper and then fix it into the inner side of the box. Your inner side of the box will be adorned and completed. Make sure that the glue dries properly.
  9. You have to make use of hot glue gun to apply glue on the sides of the box.
  10. Assemble the box in a proper manner when the glue dries up.
  11. You have to smooth the material onto the box so that it looks pretty and appealing.
  12. Your wedding invitation box is ready!


  • You can make use of any glue. However, the hot glue gun is mostly recommended as it dries up fast. In case, you want to use the duct tape or double-sided tape then it is ok too.
  • You can use any shade of velvet to beautify this invitation box. Not just that, you can make use of any adornment material of your choice.
  • Be careful while cutting and apply hot glue onto the materials.


Last Word

You can make some wedding invitation cards of your preference by pursuing the steps mentioned above. In case, you do not have much time to make these boxes on your own than not to worry! You can get in touch with My Box Printing company that offers remarkably designed wedding invitation boxes at a low price.