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watch with a camera
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A Plane Sunset
A Plane Sunset
Taken with a Canon 24-105L I took this from a pier near our hotel, I went there every night to watch the sun go down with a beer and my camera (all I was missing was some pistachio or cashew nuts) ….. the sunsets weren’t that great to be honest either the mountains were covered in clouds or there weren’t any clouds at all, there never seemed to be a happy balance ?. I not 100% sure about this, I could have done with the sun being lower but I liked the position of the plane and out of all of the pictures that I took this was the only one that had something other than a boring sky. Apart from some dust busting this is SOOC. Best viewed large, press "l".
Watching you, watching them, watching me, watch you...
Watching you, watching them, watching me, watch you...
A top one of newcastle universities buildings. I've been after a cctv cam shot for a while, but here I had to resit the urge to push myself over the edge, and hang off the camera upside down, whilst carressing and licking it* *thats probably a darker side of me that you wish you could unread! ha.

watch with a camera
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