Vibrating Alarm Watch

vibrating alarm watch
    alarm watch
  • A watch that will give an audible sound at a pre-set time.
  • A watch provided with a movement capable of releasing an acoustic sound at the time set. A second crown is dedicated to the winding, setting and release of the striking-work; an additional center hand indicates the time set.
  • Quiver with (a quality or emotion)
  • (of a sound) Resonate; continue to be heard
  • (vibrate) shake, quiver, or throb; move back and forth rapidly, usually in an uncontrolled manner
  • (vibrate) oscillate: move or swing from side to side regularly; "the needle on the meter was oscillating"
  • Move or cause to move continuously and rapidly to and fro
  • (vibrate) hover: be undecided about something; waver between conflicting positions or courses of action; "He oscillates between accepting the new position and retirement"
vibrating alarm watch - e-pill ADULT
e-pill ADULT MeDose Vibrating 6 Alarm Medication Reminder Watch (color:black/silver, strap: black leather) (991229).
e-pill ADULT MeDose Vibrating 6 Alarm Medication Reminder Watch (color:black/silver, strap: black leather) (991229).
The e-pill MeDose (click on photo to enlarge it) is a nicely designed medication reminder watch (vibration or sound), it looks like a normal sports watch; it shows real time, (can also be set for two time zones), day-date, a count down/up/auto re-set timer and stopwatch. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee! FREE shipping & handling (US only). Featured in the WSJ. Best SIX - ALARM VIBRATING WATCH on the market! Discreet and Easy to Use Watch Vibrates! - time to take your pills or get an injection! Strong vibrating alarm watch. Multi-Alarm (up to six alarms per day). Vibration Alarm or Sound Alarm. Vibrating discreet alarm helps hearing impaired patients. Count Down/Up Interval Timer - up to 99 minutes. Stopwatch (chronograph). Auto Calendar. Back Light - EASY to READ display. This watch is for everybody who does not want the world around him or her to know they are on medications. "This watch has allowed me to be prompt with my six times a day pill taking. This compliance helps me stay "steady" all day. In the past I either forgot or was late or couldn't remember if I had taken my meds. I am really pleased with the watch that vibrates on my wrist and doesn't announce to the rest of the world that it is "time to take your pill." ." P.V. NJ Originally developed for children with diabetes - e-pill MeDose watch vibrates - time to go to the school nurse & get an insulin injection! Not only for children - this watch style is for adults and teenagers! Great looking sports watch. Comes in TWO designs: Adult Model, Pediatric. The e-pill MeDose Watch works as a discreet reminder, in meetings, in school, church etc. Size is suitable for children, men and women.

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Long, hard day (203 of 365)
Long, hard day (203 of 365)
I'm having trouble keeping my mood together lately; I'm hoping to take some time this weekend to consider what's going on in my head. I *know* that I am creating a lot of my own suffering -- I can watch it happen in real time! I get all worked up about *thoughts* that I came up with -- the world has not changed over, say, the ten minutes in which I go from relatively calm to relatively batshit. Work has not helped lately. I've been overbooked all week, and we're understaffed at the magazine whose office I've been working in; in particular, the copy chief quitting has uncovered a lot of totally dysfunctional things about how they've been handling their trafficking. Basically, she was so good at rounding everything up that even though the underlying structure was bad, it all came together. But without her, and with the rest of us trying to follow the "rules" -- it's a mess. And I take too much responsibility, or at least I do emotionally, and I empathize with *everyone* and then feel all vibrate-y and panicky, and I can't make the editors turn their work in on time, and I see the deadlines slipping, and AAAAAUUUUUGH. But now it's a four-day weekend, and I'm going to try to calm down. Including going to bed early and sleeping until I wake up with NO ALARM.
Day 101 - 012708
Day 101 - 012708
I'm not sure about other pumps, but Minimed has a feature called Auto Off. This will shut the pump off if no buttons are pressed in X hours (the user sets the # of hours). Mine was set to 15 hours and today it went off. I fell asleep on the couch after dinner last night, watching television. I woke up around 8:00am, thanks to my psychotic cat, checked my BG and went back to sleep. I woke up a little after noon, but it wasn't the pump alarm that woke me. It was my cat again, who was extremely pissed that I didn't feed him breakfast the first time he woke me up. When this alarm goes off the pump will vibrate and sound an audible alarm. Not even the vibrations will wake me and I can barely hear the alarm sounds when I'm awake. After taking this picture I changed the time to 18 hours. Some weekends I will sleep really late and I'd hate for my pump to shut itself off without me waking up. Since I use a pump I don't have any long acting insulin in my system. If my pump stops delivering insulin for even a couple of hours my BG will go high quickly and I could end up feeling really sick.

vibrating alarm watch
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