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Skeleton Face Watches

skeleton face watches
  • An internal or external framework of bone, cartilage, or other rigid material supporting or containing the body of an animal or plant
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Hanging skeletons - part 1!
Hanging skeletons - part 1!
I’m going to be honest with you and tell you there are times I do not feel comfortable with all the praise and the, “you’re a good man with a kind heart” stuff here on flickr. I think I’m a good person and I try every day to make this world just a bit better in any way I can but, this being said, I’m no Saint! I’ve got skeletons hanging in my closet just like everyone. I think I have made a mistake by only telling you the “good-side” of me! ;-) Not that there is a bad side, though. And not that it is, was my intent to tell just he “good” but, it’s just I have never told a story here of me messing up and I know some out there who come here and read what good I have done or this and that, it may come off as me being some kind of goodie-two-shoes or fake. If I’m going to tell the story of my experiences in my book I have to tell them all - the good and bad. I’ve made my fair share of mistakes, that’s for sure! And when I talk about corruption and greed I’m in no way talking about someone who follows “the-book” word for word and walks a strait line never getting into trouble and always doing the right thing. There is not such a person on the face of this earth. We are all going to make mistakes and regret something, sometime in our lives. It is in my opinion that those who do learn from their mistakes and genuinely feel remorse are the ones who truly learn from their mistakes to become better people: empathy, tolerance and acceptance are all learned through mistakes and trial and error - at least in my opinion anyway. I’m by far a man who walks the strait and narrow! Hell, if I could see into the future and know for sure I wouldn’t be caught, I’d rob banks for all they got! That being said, though, 75 percent of this money would go back to the people! If I knew for sure, one hundred percent without a doubt I could rip off something like ENRON, I would! Again, 75 percent of everything I got would be given away to those who need it. Some may not agree with this and call this corrupt. For this I apologize but it is who I am and how I sincerely feel. Government and big corporations have been shafting the citizens of this world for centuries… It goes back to the old adage, “Who’s robbing who? Am I a hypocrite? I’ll let you judge that for yourself…. In the meantime read a story on something I did that wasn’t good and something that I am ashamed of - but have learned from! Whatever your decision, I don’t think it’s the right thing to do to only share stories of “good-things”. The following events are true and occurred in the Serbian Republic of Bosnia where I worked as private security contractor. In April of 2005 I wrote it into a blog I own on my experiences in the Balkans. “I was sitting at home watching one of my DVDs with my boy when I got a call from a friend stateside. He wanted me to go to this bar and see if an acutance of his had returned from France. I knew who he was talking about and agreed. My friend was fired a month before this phone call because he reported to work and drew his weapon under the influence of alcohol - a big NO, NO! He spent his entire time at this bar and drank every night. He had made good friends with its owner and needed to talk to him. I paused my movie and told my son (14yo) I’d be back in 10 minutes, or so I thought. As I pulled out of my driveway towards the bar I swear I had no intention of staying and drinking there. I was simply going to walk in and ask if the man was back from his travels and if he was, pass on the message and phone number and then leave. This bar was known as the basement bar amongst us Americans for it being located in a basement of a small apartment complex. To this day I don’t even know the real name. The owners were all brothers and all fought in the war. A subject for another post here will be what was located under this basement bar; a large weapons cache I personally saw! The brothers were crazy mother-fuckers and after drinking loved to brag about how they manned anti aircraft guns as they shot the shit out of civilians in Sarajevo and surrounding villages. Though I think all this “talk” was just ignorant macho bullshit in an attempt to impress us. But over there, who knows? That was one crazy place at times. Anyway, as I walked into the bar I instantly noticed the man I came looking for. He was behind the bar serving drinks. The second he saw me he acted surprised and stopped what he was doing as he screamed my name and walked around the bar and gave me a hug and kiss on each cheek. I told him I needed to speak with him about our mutual friend. He led me to the back office and I passed on the message. He told me my first drink was on the house and handed me a double shot of vodka. When we walked back into the bar I had every intention of leaving but, as I stood there waving goodbye I couldn’t help but feel comfortable in the wood burning stove heated, small basement. There were a few people at the bar
My Tissot Twotimer watches - well, the two that work. These watches were made in the 80s and 90s and are hard to find now. I bought both on ebay, the red one used, the green one new. There are many styles and designs of these watches, but the basic shape, features and operation are always the same. You can get very conservative looking models with roman numbers and very funky ones in bright colors. My first Twotimer didn't even have a face, it was the so-called skeleton model. Below the bright orange hands the inner "workings" were visible. I had that one for more than 10 years until it finally gave up its spirit... I don't like big chunky watches, so these are perfect for me. They are quartz operated digital watches and have a digital display as well as hands. The digital display features a second time zone, alarm, countdown, stopwatch, date, weekday - and everything is operated by the little dial. Not an armada of buttons like on other digital watches. So ingenious! And so fashionable!

skeleton face watches
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