Doxa Chronograph - Third Watch End Of Tour.

Doxa Chronograph

doxa chronograph
  • A chronograph is a timepiece or watch with both timekeeping and stopwatch functions. Pocket watch chronographs were produced as early as the 18th century but did not become popular until the 1820s.
  • an accurate timer for recording time
  • An instrument for recording time with great accuracy
  • A stopwatch
  • A chronogram; A device which marks or records time or time intervals; A combination of watch and stopwatch
  • Doxa (????) is a Greek word meaning common belief or popular opinion, from which are derived the modern terms of orthodoxy and heterodoxy.
  • Greek term for opinion, belief, or judgment, as opposed to systematic knowledge {Gk. episthmh [episteme]}. According to Plato, this limited awareness of the sensible world encompasses the lower portion of the divided line.
  • opinion (Plato); knowledge of phenomena

Doxa Besembal Event
Doxa Besembal Event
Doxa Besembal Event
Doxa Prayer Week
Doxa Prayer Week
Doxa Prayer Week

doxa chronograph
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