Do Kids Watch Too Much Tv

do kids watch too much tv
    too much
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As a child you did not think too much about the underlying messages in your favorite television shows, nor did you think twice about the darker connotations of the popular toys you held so dearly. The television shows, the toys—they were just “cool”. And that’s exactly what their brands sought, creating a cool kid culture through aggressive marketing towards kids through all avenues of the media. Look at Nickelodeon; as a child I watched the channel, the movies (Goodburger!), read Nickelodeon magazine, and owned was a proud owner of Gak, Floam, and Sqand (slimy “molding substances” created and sold by Nickelodeon through Mattell). Indeed, I received hours upon hours of enjoyment from the Nickelodeon empire. But at such a young age, surely I was more vulnerable than I knew, at least enough that surrendering my mind to such an overarching Nickelodeon power—indiscriminantly consuming a steady stream of whatever Nickelodeon fed me-- could not have been the most healthy thing for me at the time. I accepted its ideas and values without understanding why. Well, I like to think that despite everything, I fared the storm okay. But the older I get the more I understood why I was always in a struggle with my parents about what television shows I could watch and what toys I could own. When I watch new kids shows on television, I am often shocked by the underlying adult humor and messages that are lost on the kids—at least at face value. More and more I get why I was told as a child that too much TV was bad, and why my parents would not agree with the messages conveyed by certain toys. My piece deals with this idea that the brands which so effectively market themselves to appeal to children are not exactly as fun and pure as they seem. To do this I took the brand logos for several such brands and turned them, literally, into monsters that are spooking a dim outline of innocent children. I sought to maintain a fun, childish style in my monsters, while at the same time creating something dark and sinister. In my studies of business I increasingly come to see how manipulative, for better or for worse, companies can be with their marketing. And I can very easily picture Nickelodeon, or Disney, or Barbie, to be monsters more interesting in preying on kids than in actually delivering them joy. In many ways, we never grow up, really. In the same way that as an adult we see the dangers that a seemingly fun, harmless brand poses for children, we subject ourselves to the same corporate dangers every day, accepting their values and believing what they tell us to believe about the world and about ourselves. Even adults are as vulnerable as the children in being haunted by the monsters.
A PSA... for Little Johnny
A PSA... for Little Johnny
I've been trying to convince my son (currently 3.5 years old) that watching too much TV will cause the brain to shrivel-up like a raisin. Everyday when I come home from work now, I pick through his hair and tell him I'm looking to see how much his brain shriveled-up throughout the course of the day. I don't think he's buying what I'm selling though :) Anyway, this shot is for him. P.S. His name isn't really Johnny, that's just what I call him. This kid's going to be so messed-up by the time I'm done with him... good thing I love him so much. Lighting Info - SB600 at 24mm zoom and full power in a 15-inch Lastolite Ezybox. Positioned about 3 feet from subject camera-right and pretty much the same height as the subject. - Large silver reflector camera-left. - Cybersyncs.

do kids watch too much tv
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